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Storage and Operation of Aerosol Automotive Paint

Both storage and operation of aerosol automotive paint, such as  acrylic spray paint, metallic spray paint, hammer finish paint, fluorescent spray paint, and heat resistant spray paint, should be kept away from fire source and direct sunlight, and kept below 40℃. When it is below 10℃, aerosol automotive paint cannot get good coating because of low internal pressure and bad spraying condition. When the temperature is low, aerosol automotive paint can be immersed into warm water of 30-40℃ before use. Shake the container before use and let the pigment precipitate to disperse completely before spraying. After use, turn the container upside down and open the valve for a few seconds, and use the atomized gas to blow out the residual paint stuck on the small hole of the valve and the nozzle button.

Different Kinds of Spray Paint

Shenzhen Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd provides different kinds of spray paint in various fields of application, spray paint types including acrylic spray paint, second petroleum spray paint, metallic spray paint, hammer finish spray paint, fluorescent spray paint, benzene-free spray paint, heat resistant spray paint (300℃ and 600℃), water based spray paint, and line marking. Besides, we can offer custom made spray paint service for customers.

Professional Aerosol Auto Paint

Aerosol auto paint has the durability and precision coating even without a paint gun. With a wide spray pattern, our aerosol auto paint products can give you great coverage and easier control than traditional spray paint products. 7CF  aerosol auto paint provides you a long lasting, beautiful and durable coating.

Spray Paint FAQs

  • Q

    Can spray paint be used on cars?

    A :

    Yes, 7CF aerosol auto paint is mainly used for repairing small areas of cars. Aerosol auto paint usually consists of aerosol cans, aerosol valves, contents and throwing agents, which is a kind of paint that is easily sprayed by high pressure filling after the paint is treated by a special method.

  • Q

    Bubble phenomenon of paint coat

    A :


    1. The surface is unclear, oil, wax, water, dust and so on may cause bubble phenomenon;

    2. The surrounding environment is too humid.

  • Q

    Flow hanging phenomenon of spray paint coat

    A :


    1. Distance between valve nozzle and object to near;

    2. Valve nozzle moving speed too low;

    3. Poor-ventilated environment during use;

    4. Dry time not enough during different layers.

    5. Surface clean not enough.

  • Q

    How to use spray paint

    A :

    1. Keep proper spraying distance (15-25cm);

    2. Keep normal moving speed (30-60cm/s);

    3. Keep well-ventilated environment;

    4. Set drying time (3-10min) for different layer according to temperature;

    5. Ensure clean surface before spraying.

  • Q

    How do you spray paint a car with aerosol?

    A :

    Vibrate the can for about 30 seconds until the paint is evenly mixed. Being 15--25CM from the object to be sprayed, use your index finger to press down the nozzle to spray evenly back and forth. Use multiple spraying method, and spray a thin layer every 3 minutes, so the effect is better than once completed. Before storing after use, please invert the can and press down the nozzle for 3 seconds to clean the nozzle remaining paint to ensure smooth and durable.

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