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How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

Since cars are driven and parked in different environments, you should consider whether you should wax according to the actual car situation and your city environment. Rainwater contains a lot of acidic substances, so the number of waxing in areas with more rainwater can be relatively more, while there is no need for frequent waxing in areas with less rain. For cars often parked in the garage, waxing with automotive crystal wax once every 4 months is sufficient, and for cars often parked in open parking lots, waxing once every two months is sufficient. Vehicles parked in the open air are recommended to be waxed once every 2 to 3 months due to wind and rain. Generally speaking, when the car body is not smooth when touched by hand, it can be waxed again. However, it should be noted that waxing has a short retention time, generally around 1 to 2 months depending on the actual use of the car. Besides, it is afraid of water, and will lose its effect when it rains or the car is washed. Therefore, you need to wax regularly in order to do a good job of body maintenance.

1. Carefully choose the brand of automotive crystal wax

At present, there are many kinds of waxes on the market, both solid and liquid. Since the performance of various car waxes is different, their effects are not the same, so you must be careful when choosing. Improper selection cannot protect the car body, and cause the car paint discoloration.

In general, the wax should be considered according to the newness of the vehicle, the color of the paint and the driving environment. For senior cars, high-grade wax can be used; for new cars, it is better to use color coated wax to protect the luster and color of the car body; in summer, it is appropriate to use UV protection wax; in poor driving environment, it is more appropriate to use resin wax with outstanding protection; and for ordinary vehicles, ordinary pearl color or metallic paint series wax can be used. Of course, the choice of color back car wax must also be considered to fit with the color of the car paint.

7CF® crystal wax car polish is a high quality super deep care crystal emulsion made with an advanced formula and special resins. The polyester emulsion for automotive crystal wax penetrates the very fine patterns of the paintwork and not only effectively removes stains, but also fills the paint voids, bringing back the luster and freshness of the paintwork. The sealing component of automotive crystal wax will form a multi-layer protective film on the surface of the paint, making automotive crystal wax resistant to UV rays, acid rain and aging discoloration. 7CF® crystal wax car polish can clean the car, restore color and wax in one go.

2. What is the harm of not playing crystal wax?

(1) Because the characteristics of ultraviolet light determines the easier refraction of ultraviolet light into the paint, the car without crystal wax cannot better defense against ultraviolet light, and the car's paint is more likely to be damaged.

(2) The car is often exposed to the air, and inevitably exposed to the wind and rain, which is easy to cause dark spots on the paint, greatly affecting the quality and service life of the paint. In addition, water droplets tend to cause the rust and corrosion of the exposed metal surface.

(3) Automotive crystal wax can cut off dust and metal friction on the surface of the car, reduce static electricity. If there is no wax, static electricity will increase. Unwaxed vehicles will be much less shiny.


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