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Investment of Nearly 100 Billion! High-performance Resin + High-end New Materials Project to Commence First Phase Production in September

Recently, the Daishan zone of Zhoushan Free Trade Experimental Area in Zhejiang Province is accelerating the construction of a green petrochemical advanced manufacturing cluster. The high-performance resin project and high-end new material project with a total investment of nearly 100 billion yuan on more than 4,000 acres of land are pushing for construction progress for the first batch of equipment to be put into production in September this year. The two projects are planned to be put into operation before the end of 2025, increasing the industrial output value by over 100 billion yuan. "On the basis of the phase one and two projects of the base, we plan to further 'reduce oil and increase chemistry,' extend the industrial chain, and develop downstream green, high-end, and functional new materials," said a responsible person from the Zhoushan Green Petrochemical Base Management Committee.

High-performance resin project

The project is expected to have a total investment of 19.2 billion yuan. After completion, it can achieve an average annual operating income of 27.4 billion yuan and an annual net profit of 2.42 billion yuan.

Construction content: 

Based on the chemical products produced in the first and second phases of Zhejiang Petrochemical, a new 300,000 tons/year LDPE/EVA (tube) device, a 100,000 tons/year EVA (kettle) device, a 400,000 tons/year LDPE device, a 200,000 tons/year DMC device, 3x60,000 tons/year PMMA device, and 1.2 million tons/year ABS device will be built.

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High-end new material project

The project is expected to have a total investment of 64.1 billion yuan. After completion, it can achieve an average annual operating income of 64.5 billion yuan and an annual net profit of 11.36 billion yuan.

Project content: 

Tap into the potential and enhance the efficiency of the related equipment in the 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project. The plan is to build a new 4 million tons/year catalytic cracking device, a 350,000 tons/year α-olefin device, 2x200,000 tons/year POE polyolefin elastomer device, an 80,000 tons/year polybutene-1 device, a 1 million tons/year acetic acid device, 2x300,000 tons/year vinyl acetate device, a 30,000 tons/year EVA/LDPE (pipe) device, 2x150,000 tons/year adipic acid device, a 250,000 tons/year adiponitrile device, a 280,000 tons/year hexamethylenediamine device, a 500,000 tons/year nylon 66 salt device, a 600,000 tons/year maleic anhydride device, a 500,000 tons/year 1,4-butanediol device, a 200,000 tons/year PBS device, a 120,000 tons/year polytetrahydrofuran device, a 30,000 tons/year NMP device, a 270,000 tons/year nitric acid device, a 660,000 tons/year acrylonitrile device, a 200,000 tons/year SAR device, a 300,000 standard cubic meters/hour carbon dioxide reforming device, a 1 million tons/year methanol device, a 600,000 tons/year synthetic ammonia device, a 240,000 tons/year bisphenol A device, and related public engineering devices.

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