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What is Used to Clean Metal Before Painting?

In the process of use, the metal will be constantly corroded by various substances in the atmosphere. The corrosion can be manifested as surface corrosion and large-scale corrosion. If rust is found when we need to color spray metal parts, corresponding measures should be taken in time for rust removal and grinding treatment. Metal surface rust removal methods include manual derusting, mechanical derusting, chemical derusting, sand blasting, shot peening, etc. So what do you use to clean the metal before painting?

1. What is used to clean metal before painting?

You can use a professional parts cleaner. Here we recommend using 7CF® Parts Cleaner, which cleans and protects a range of metals, including silver, stainless steel, aluminum, tin, chromium, brass, copper, and bronze is recommended. Parts cleaner can quickly remove oil and stains on the surface of metal parts and easily remove oxidation so that the metal surface is bright and smooth. When faced with rust on metal surfaces, 7CF® all purpose anti rust lubricant (rust-removing tool) products can be used to quickly clean the surface rust, and then it can be easily painted.

2. How to clean metal in other ways?

Manual rust removal is mainly achieved by hand knocking, shovelling, scraping, brushing and sanding with tools such as spatulas, wire brushes, emery cloth and hacksaws, which is the traditional method of rust removal for painters and the simplest method, not restricted by the environment and construction conditions. But due to its low efficiency and poor effect, it can only be applied to a small range of rust removal treatments. Besides, 7CF also provides metal shine spray wholesale for you.

Generally, mechanical rust removal is the same as mechanical removal of old paint, in which some electric and pneumatic tools are used to achieve the purpose of removing rust. Common electric tools include electric brushes, electric grinding wheels, and pneumatic tools include pneumatic brushes. The working principle of electric brush and pneumatic brush: clean the rust or oxide skin by impact and friction due to the rotation of special circular steel wire brushes. Especially on the surface, the rust removal effect is better, but it is difficult to remove deep rust spots. The electric grinding wheel is actually a hand-held grinding wheel, which can be moved at will with the hand. The high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel is used to remove rust, which has a good effect. Especially for the deep rust spots, the work efficiency is high, the construction quality is good, and the use is convenient. It is an ideal tool for removing rust, but during operation, do not abrade the metal skin.

The chemical rust removal method is a pickling rust removal method, making use of the chemical reaction of acid solution and metal oxide (rust) to produce salts, so as to achieve the purpose of rust removal. The metal surface after pickling must go through rough treatment or phosphating, mainly to increase the adhesion between the metal surface and the primer. Pickling is only suitable for rust removal of ferrous metals.

There are several methods to clean metal, but there are limitations or various matters needing attention during operation. One of the most convenient and effective methods is to use part cleaners and rust-proof lubricants. Shake well before use, dust the metal surface, spray the cleaner, and wipe the metal with a cloth for a clean, bright finish. Next, choose your preferred colour of custom spray paint.


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