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Is Tire Foam Bad for Tires

Tires are commonly made of rubber. The elastic rubber is afraid of the external environment degrading, which will result in the deterioration of rubber. The most common condition is that the rubber hardens, loses elasticity, and eventually causes cracking. And in some serious condition, even the tread will be peeled off. So within the possible scope, some simple maintenance is definitely beneficial.

Tire foam cleaner has an excellent brightening effect, giving tires a noble and elegant look. Even if the tires have been used for a long time and lost their color, using tire foam can show a bright effect and bring a new look to the tires. Besides, tire foam can effectively prevent the aging, cracking, deformation and fading of tires and other rubber parts without harming the tires. It has great anti-static function and is not easy to absorb dust, and has a lasting bright appearance.

Using method: firstly wash the mud and dirt on the tires with water and tire cleaning brush. Wipe it after cleaning. And then shake the tire foam well before use. 25-30cm away from the tire and spray the whole side of the tire evenly. Wipe off residual liquid on the tire with a rag. Tools and products required: bucket, rag, tire cleaning brush, car tire foam. The cleaning time takes about 8-10 minutes.


Tire maintenance products are basically used after car washing, but some maintenance products come with a cleaning function. Even in the side of tire when there is a slight mud, tire foam can also be used. Generally directly after spraying, the mud and dirty will flow down with the liquid, and then you will find the side of tire is very bright.

General foam cleaners are mainly used to clean surfaces that are difficult to clean such as glass, cars, and kitchen ventilator. Foam cleaners have surfactants, which are the main substances that can be cleaned. The main ingredients of foam cleaners are high-foaming surfactants and other co-solvents. It is assembled into a spray can and a booster is added at the same time. In this way, when the liquid is sprayed out, a large amount of foam can be formed automatically to increase the contact between the cleaning agent and the surface of the object. Meanwhile, the foam is easy to adhere to the surface of the object, which increases the dissolution time.


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