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The Meaning of Antirust Lubricant Spray

What is an anti-rust lubricant spray? Anti-rust lubricant spray is a multi-functional metal protective agent with functions of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, moisture, lubrication, cleaning, and conductive. The unique technology provides durable wear resistance and corrosion resistance for the metal, and the anti-rust lubricant spray has excellent anti-rust, corrosion, and penetration properties.

Anti-rust lubricant spray is mainly used for various types of electronic connectors, relays, isolating switches, transformers, switch equipment, engine, all kinds of adjustment and control equipment, instrumentation, communications equipment, electronic alarm system, crane, guide rail, door guide rail, zippers, tools, bicycle chain, locks and all kinds of hardware accessories, precision instruments, electric tools of the grid. Anti-rust lubricant spray can avoid corrosion and rust of metal parts, lubricate metal moving parts, reduce wear, save energy loss, improve work efficiency, and extend the service life of parts and machinery, and equipment.

1. What is anti-rust lubricant spray?

As for anti rust lubricant spray meaning, anti-rust lubricant spray is a multi-purpose spray used to release fixed parts that have rusted or died of rust while removing moisture. anti-rust lubricant spray can also be used as a high-quality lightweight lubricant to dry electronic products. Anti-rust lubricant spray helps release rusty and rusty bolts, nuts and other components. You may take interest in anti rust lubricant spray uses, it has been proved to inhibit corrosion and rust in some applications.

2. Anti-rust lubricant spray characteristics:

Anti-corrosion and anti-rust: Anti-rust lubricant spray can form a long-term insulating protective film on the surface of the workpiece, which has excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection functions for metal instruments and meters(删).

Lubrication function :  it has the incomparable effect of the same kind of products.

High permeability, cleaning: can remove oil, oil scale, colloid and rust, do not need to be used with other cleaning agents. The surface tension of the polymer antirust lubricant spray is very low when removing oil. Therefore, an ultra-thin protective layer is formed on the surface of the workpiece during spraying.

High-quality touch: effectively avoid carbonization, improve the touch of the switch, and significantly improve the electrical contact performance.

High-quality adaptability: efficient arc removal, avoiding electric sparks, continuous and efficient work in extreme temperature conditions.

Excellent oxidation resistance: Excellent chemical stability, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring the long service life of contact points and plug-ins.

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