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What Is The Use of Air Freshener

Introduction to Air Freshener

Air fresheners, as the name implies, are the kind of products like sprays that make the air more fresher. Some people are not sure whether air fresheners are useful or not. Actually, they are helpful for your house or other public areas. Because air fresheners use ingredients that will neutralize or break down odors. Secondly, there are specialized active factors and other ingredients that can make the air fresher and scented. Thus, it can make the air smelly or bad smelling air become fresh.

Air freshener is a kind of chemical product that started to be used in the field of environmental hygiene in the 20th century, which can be divided into 2 types.

1.Aerosol type

It refers to the canned products using projectile agent. When using these products, the air freshener in the closed can can be sprayed out evenly under the pressure generated by the projectile and form a spray in suspension in the air.

2.Spray type

This is a miniature spray product that does not use a spraying agent.

Uses of Air Freshener

Home freshener products can make the house become fragrant. Besides, it will cover up the indoor decoration odor. The user can buy the home air freshener spray directly and spray into the indoor. Home freshener products contain fragrances and flavors, which can be completely covered up the decoration odor so as to solve the odor problem.

Car air freshener, also known as "environmental perfume", is currently the most common way to purify the air environment in the car and improve air quality. Because it is convenient to carry, simple to use and cheap price, air freshener has become the first choice of many drivers to purify the air. 

Its working principle is not complicated, which is to add a small amount of chemicals in the material that emits bad odor. Through the chemical reaction to achieve the purpose of deodorization and concealing the odor by strong aromatic substances. Therefore, many air fresheners actually did not remove the odor in the car, but only with a pleasing fragrance cover up the odor.


Major Advantages of Air Freshener

1.Cheap price: this is the most obvious advantage of air freshener, cheaper than car perfume.

2.Easy to use: aerosol type air freshener is generally used by people. And do not need any car ancillary facility.

3.Many fragrance types to choose: for some drivers who love fragrance, especially female driver, air freshener charming fragrance is also the main reason to attract them to buy.

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