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What Is Most Spray Paint Made Of

Spray paint usually consists of an aerosol can, an aerosol valve, the contents (paint) and a throwing agent, in addition to a stirring ball (bullet) that is loaded into the aerosol can to help with agitation.

Classification of spray paint

There is no strict classification standard for spray paint, and the usual classification is according to people's using habits. Generally, according to the type of main film-forming substances, spray paints are classified into nitro-type aerosol paint, alkyd-type aerosol paint, acrylic spray paint, etc. There are also classifications by film-forming effects such as ordinary spray paint, metallic glitter spray paint, fluorescent spray paint, super-energy metallic color spray paint, chrome spray paint, gold plating spray paint, hammertone spray paint, high temperature resistant spray paint, etc.

Thermoplastic acrylic resin paint is fast drying at room temperature, and easy to use. Its solid active ingredient content and covering power are better than nitro magnetic paint, but poor gasoline resistance, not suitable for contact with gasoline or organic solvent equipment spraying, such as cars, motorcycles, etc. It is mainly used for interior and exterior decoration projects, mechanical equipment and plastic surface decoration.

Features of spray paint

Good leveling property and strong covering power.

Excellent light and color retention performance.

Spray out rate over 96%.

Good adhesion with proper primer.

Good chemical resistance and water resistance.

The product meets the industry standard required by the National Development and Reform Commission.

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