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State Council Security Committee Office Launches 2023 First Round of Hazardous Chemicals Key County Expert Guidance Services

To prevent and control the major safety risks of hazardous chemicals, and ensure safety during important events such as the National People's Congress, the State Council Security Committee has launched the first round of expert guidance services for hazardous chemicals key counties this year. This will promote the implementation of key tasks for national hazardous chemical safety supervision by 2023, effectively prevent major accidents, and provide support for stabilizing the national hazardous chemical safety production performance.

Expert guidance services are an important measure to implement the spirit of the "Opinions on Strengthening the Comprehensive Management of Hazardous Chemical Safety Production" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council. Two rounds of guidance services are carried out annually for the 53 key counties of hazardous chemicals nationwide, playing a role in demonstrating and driving progress, breaking through the final safety production "last mile", and providing support for the stable situation of national hazardous chemical safety production.

This round of expert guidance services focuses on strengthening the long-term mechanism, adhering to classified guidance, promoting work, and solving problems. The focus is on preventing and controlling major safety risks and promoting the implementation of key tasks. This will be achieved through enterprise self-inspection, local re-examination, and expert group verification guidance, to deepen enterprise safety diagnosis and management. Based on the actual situation in each key county, classified strategies are applied according to demonstration, improvement and comprehensive guidance services. Focusing on key areas such as major hazards, old equipment and chemical parks, safety governance will be strengthened, and inspections, guidance and training are enhanced to promote the implementation of key tasks in key counties. A comprehensive evaluation of the hazardous chemical safety production situation in key counties will be conducted to identify problems, guide the filling of short boards, and promote the improvement of safety production levels to serve high-quality development of the region.

Currently, the expert guidance service teams have been sent to work in areas including Bohai New Area Lingang Industrial Park in Cangzhou, Hebei; Linzi District in Zibo, Shandong; Lucheng District in Changzhi, Shanxi; Nangang Industrial Park in Binhai New Area, Tianjin; Economic Development Zone in Huludao, Liaoning; and Fangshan District in Beijing.


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