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How To Remove Adhesive From Car Paint

In our lives, many people struggle with how to remove the solidified glue or adhesives. Using glue removal is difficult to clean up. Besides, there are also some places where the glue cannot be removed by physical means. Because the removal is more complicated to clean up, such as the glue on the car paint. At this time we can use a powerful adhesive cleaner for car. Through the reaction of chemical components to remove glue, the effect is excellent and harmless to the object. There are some stubborn stains in life, and powerful adhesive remover can be effectively removed.

In daily life, some drivers will post a variety of car stickers on their vehicles. These car stickers are a composite material with paper, film, or special materials as the fabric, coated with adhesive on the back, with a silicone-coated bottom as a protective paper. With the features of convenience to use, strong adhesion, and other advantages, it is being widely used. But the resulting messy condition to tear down, it will be difficult to remove residual glue and other problems also need to be solved.

So what can remove the glue that does not hurt the paint? Let's learn more about it and see which method works better.

  • With a soft cloth dipped in a sufficient amount of 95% alcohol, and then gently wipe the glue, softened and detached, while the medical alcohol on the plastic parts or the surface of the car paint is not much damaged.

  • Dissolve the sticker with soapy water, and repeatedly wipe, suitable for a small area and a new trace left.

  • Let the staff help remove it during the car wash.

  • Buy a special car paint safe adhesive remover, which is simple and convenient. Just spray the tape traces partly to clean up, which is time-saving and effective.

Features of Adhesive remover

  • No pungent odor

  • Fast fusion bonding and strong glue removal

  • Does not hurt any object's surface

  • Formulation of mild non-corrosive does not hurt the surface of the object, and penetration of softening dissolved gum


Steps of Using Adhesive Remover for Car Paint

First of all, before using the adhesive remover spray:

Tear off the self-adhesive label.

Keep the paint surface dry without mud and sand to avoid scratching.

  • Fully shake the adhesive cleaner.

  • Maintain a distance of 2-4 inches from the surface and evenly spray the self-adhesive place.

  • Spray on the adhesive cleaner and wait a few minutes until the stain has signs of dissolution. When it becomes wet and then wipe it clean with a wrung-out damp towel. If there are stubborn stains, you can spray more adhesive remover as needed; if you wipe a few times but there is a piece of stain not removed, the stain may be interspersed with other impurities. We recommend that you use a towel wrapped in a small spatula to try to remove it.

  • After all clean work is done, rinsing the car body with water is best, while waxing can better protect the car paint.

Will adhesive remover harm my car paint?

With adhesive remover spray for cars, you can quickly remove adhesives, joint tape, tar, and wax from your car's paint surface without a squeegee or abrasive. This kind of solvent blend will not harm most automotive paint surfaces or vinyl. It can also be used in other areas besides body repair, including glass, billboards, municipal facilities, and other fields, which is a good helper for daily family, office, and the city "psoriasis" nemesis.


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