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Sunrise Co.,Ltd. (002256.Sz) Discloses Annual Performance Report, Achieving Significant Reduction in Losses in 2022

On April 11, Sunrise Co.,Ltd. (002256.SZ) released its 2022 annual performance report. The report shows that in 2022, the company achieved operating income of 301,322.7 million yuan and a net loss attributable to shareholders of 22,675.3 million yuan, a significant decrease in losses compared to the previous year. The pressure from the company's high-interest debt was somewhat eased this period, with financial expenses decreasing by 39,580.5 million yuan from the previous year. During the reporting period, the company amortized employee stock option incentive expenses of 65,151.8 million yuan, and after deducting this impact, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company in this period was a profit of 42,270.0 million yuan. Compared with a net loss attributable to shareholders of 497 million yuan and a non-recurring net loss of 222 million yuan last year, there was a significant decrease in losses in 2022.

The annual report shows that during the reporting period, the company's urban renewal unit project progressed in an orderly manner, and non-core businesses such as Qinghai Jintai Potassium Fertilizer and Hebei Zhaoteng Aerosol were gradually divested, generating a total revenue of about 144 million yuan, providing capital support for easing the company's cash flow and repayment of high-interest debt. The pressure from high-interest debt was somewhat alleviated this period, with financial expenses decreasing by approximately 40 million yuan from the previous year.

In terms of new energy businesses, the photovoltaic power plants affected by disasters in the reporting period have been fully repaired and connected to the grid, further improving the total revenue and efficiency of power generation. At the same time, the company actively laid out the photovoltaic power plant sector, signing a 400 MW (specifically subject to the actual capacity of the built power plant) photovoltaic power generation project investment and development framework agreement with the People's Government of Ma'anshan City and County, Anhui Province to obtain corresponding resource indicators. By implementing the development strategy of the company's return to the core businesses, it gradually recovered the scale of the photovoltaic power plants held by the company, continuously enhancing the sustainable operation capability of this core business segment.

Regarding overall business strategy, Sunrise Co.,Ltd. stated that the company would actively practice a sustainable development strategy under global conditions, continuously optimizing business segments, and deeply integrating the clean and low-carbon concept into each of the company's business segments. In the new energy business segment, the company will increase the power generation of existing power plants. In the refined chemical industry business segment, adhering to the value concept of "harmony between people and the environment above all else", it will continue to focus on research and development of sustainable, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving products, and further promote the development of waste and hazardous waste recycling businesses of joint-stock enterprises.


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