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How to Clean Heavy Engine Oil

With the special 7CF engine heavy oil cleaning agent, the accumulated oil can be quickly removed. 

Cleaning Note:  

The machine must be stopped and cooled when in use  

Covering distributors, electric parts, vaporizers, and air inlet systems, exposing electrical conductors can cause short circuits. Careful attention should be paid to all the wires and electrical induction parts in the hood to reduce the problems caused by water cleaning to a minimum.  

Shake the 7CF foaming engine cleaner thoroughly and spray it onto a dry machine, and then immediately wipe off the spray that exceeds the range with a damp cloth to avoid dewaxing or splotches.  

Leave it for 5 minutes after spraying the detergent

After the work is completed, start the machine and put it in neutral for 5-10 minutes to ensure that the machine is completely dried, and then rinse it with clean water.


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