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BASF Shanghai Coatings' Brand-New Technology Center is Completed

On March 8, BASF Shanghai Coatings Co., Ltd. announced the completion of its new technology center building in the Minhang area. As an important part of the expansion project in Minhang, the use of the technology center building marks another milestone in the development of BASF Shanghai Coatings Co., Ltd., providing Chinese automotive customers with more high-quality technology, products, and services in a new way.

The new technology center building is equipped with advanced laboratory facilities and an experienced and high-quality team. With the "Color + Innovation Studio" as its support, it can provide customers with full-process solutions from color design, modeling and matching to product development and online launch. Together with customers, we can create high-quality colors, greatly shorten product development time, and improve overall work efficiency. The newly built electrophoretic application technology center can help improve product technology capabilities and application engineering strength, with electrophoretic application laboratory and small-scale electrophoretic trial factory modules, providing customers with comprehensive product performance recognition, quality control, process matching testing, etc. services, and through simulating customers' coating sites, assisting customers in adjusting and improving engineering processes and optimizing product application parameters.

Dr. Jinfeng Lou, President of BASF Greater China, said: "I am very pleased to be able to celebrate the completion of the BASF Shanghai Coatings Technology Center building today, and witness the formal completion of our Minhang expansion project. The use of this technology center will inject new vitality into BASF's local innovation and enhance the synergy of BASF's R&D and innovation in China, helping us to provide Chinese customers with excellent coating solutions."

Zou Jia, Vice President of BASF and responsible for automotive OEM coating solutions in the Asia Pacific region, said: "For BASF coatings, BASF Shanghai Coatings Minhang base has always been of strategic significance. In this rapidly developing automotive market, the new technology center building will give us stronger technology capabilities and innovation advantages, helping automotive customers maintain their leading edge in competition."

It is reported that BASF Shanghai Coatings Co., Ltd. settled in Zhuanqiao in 1997. The Minhang expansion project started in 2020, including the transformation and upgrading of the comprehensive office building, electrophoretic application technology center, and technology center building, as well as the newly built Caremichael Asia Pacific Innovation and Technology Center. After the expansion, the Minhang base will become a production base mainly dedicated to the development of coating and surface treatment technologies. The best team composed of development personnel, technical service personnel, and sales personnel will provide OEM customers with comprehensive solutions and jointly promote innovation and sustainable development in the field of automotive coatings.


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