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Warehouse management of spray paint products-Class A warehouse setup

Aerosol spray paint, or called aerosol paint, usually consists of an aerosol can, an aerosol valve, the contents (paint) and a throwing agent. It is a kind of paint that is easily sprayed by special method of treatment and then filled at high pressure. The ingredients of the contents are mixed chemical raw materials, which are highly volatile, toxic and flammable, and are subject to the flammable and explosive products. Zhaoxin stock's 7CF brand and OEM and ODM Chinese spray paint products of major brands are exported to more than 100 countries all over the world. From incoming materials, production, storage to oversea transportation, in order to safely store and manage spray paint products and ensure the effective environmental operation, occupational health and safety management system, the 7CF brand and related spray paint products in storage and transportation have been set up in accordance with the laws and regulations of hazardous materials management Class A warehouse to ensure the safe use of each can of products.

Notice: Please be sure to read the instructions for use and storage when you receive each of 7CF spray paint product.

Classification criteria for Class A warehouses

According to Chinese Building Design Fire Code GB50016-2014 Table 3.1.1 provides that the classification criteria for Class A warehouses.

  • Storage of liquids with a flash point of less than 28°C.

  • Gases with a lower explosive limit of less than 10%.

  • Substances that can decompose on their own at room temperature or oxidation in air can lead to rapid spontaneous combustion or explosion.

  • Substances which can produce combustible gas and cause combustion or explosion under the action of water or air steam at normal temperature.

  • Strong oxidant that is easy to cause combustion or explosion in case of acid, heat, impact, friction, catalysis and flammable inorganic matter such as organic matter or sulfur.

  • Substances that can cause combustion or explosion when impacted, rubbed or in contact with oxidants or organic matter.

  • Warehouses that operate in closed equipment where the temperature is greater than or equal to the spontaneous combustion point of the material itself.


Safety management characteristics of Class A warehouse

For new, renovation and expansion construction projects involving class A warehouses, safety conditions shall be demonstrated, and institutions with qualifications stipulated by the state shall be entrusted to carry out safety evaluation on construction projects;

Stored items on the packaging should be pasted or tethered with the contents of the package to match the security label. Chemical safety technical instructions and chemical safety labels should be contained in the content of the national standards.

Storage sites need to set up the appropriate monitoring, ventilation, sun protection, fire prevention, fire fighting, lightning protection, anti-static, anti-corrosion and other safety facilities, equipment, and regular maintenance to ensure the normal use of safety facilities, equipment.

Storage sites and safety facilities, equipment need to be set up on the obvious safety warning signs.

Storage places need to set up communication, alarm devices, regular maintenance, maintenance, to ensure that the equipment is in a suitable state.

Every three years, institutions with qualifications as stipulated by the state shall be entrusted to conduct safety evaluation of storage sites, and submit safety evaluation reports and submit them to the public for record.

A person should be arranged to be responsible for the management, and the storage should be isolated, separated and segregated according to the characteristics of chemicals respectively. Containers should be clearly marked before storage, checked for leaks, and storage areas should all be equipped with leak-proof receiving devices.

Warehouse goods stacked to meet the "five distance" (i.e., column distance 0.5m, wall distance 0.5m, stack distance 0.5m, light distance 0.5m, top distance 0.5m) requirements, and has a clear mark, set up a dedicated warehouse management.


In Zhaoxin stock, the warehouse is a transit station connecting production, supply and sales, and is a necessary perimeter barrier place in the production process. The Class A warehouse is more strictly equipped with corresponding equipment according to the specific situation of the warehouse site and the characteristics of the stored 7CF brand products to keep the stored items intact. We develop strict management system and safety operation procedures for dangerous goods storage to ensure the safety of dangerous goods storage and operators. All our efforts are dedicated to the superiority of each 7CF product you receive!

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