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How To Paint Parking Lot Lines?

Drawing parking lot lines is one of the necessary steps for the parking lot manager to manage the parking lot. The parking lot line can effectively manage and control the passenger flow, vehicle flow and parking space allocation of the parking lot, thereby improving the efficiency and safety of the parking lot.

When drawing parking lot lines, in addition to preparing tools such as rulers, balancers, and marking sprays, it is also necessary to consider the lighting facilities of the parking lot and security measures during the drawing process. The layout of lighting facilities is very important to ensure the safety of the parking lot; and in terms of the security measures, we need to formulate reasonable security measures according to the passenger flow and vehicle flow in the parking lot to ensure the safety and stability of the parking lot.

Before using the line spray paint, we need to make a plan

Before drawing parking lot lines with acrylic aerosol spray paint, we'll need to create a plan to determine the exact dimensions of the design. Graph paper or a graphics tablet can be used to determine the size of each element by taking measurements. This ensures that the designs are more precise and also gives us more control over the placement of each element.

Use line spray paint to draw parking lot lines

Once we have a plan, it's time to start drawing the parking lot lines. First, use graph paper or a graphics tablet to draw the parking lot lines according to the plan we have made. Then, use a ruler, balancer, and stylus to draw more precise lines. Finally, a more precise line can be drawn using a scale pen to ensure the exact size of the parking lot line, and then painted with 7CF® Line Spray Paint. When using 7CF® Line Spray Paint, be aware that after the mixing ball begins to rattle, shake the can vigorously for a minute.

Check the parking lot lines drawn with the line spray paint

Finally, check the parking lot lines we have drawn to make sure they are accurate. Checking the drawn parking lot lines can ensure that the design is more accurate, and can ensure that the design is more stable.

7CF® Line Spray Paint is a highly recommended option for revitalizing faded parking lines and grass courts. Our custom color aerosol spray paint comes in 750ml (25 fl oz) cans that seamlessly distribute quick-drying acrylic paint evenly over any surface. The range of spray colors that we offer is diverse, with each possessing a varying and suitable spray range. Our spray paint ensures remarkable coverage and longevity, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting line markings.

7CF® Line Spray Paint is extremely fast drying and further improved with an impressive new formula, which allows you to spontaneously mark off impromptu courts for sports or recreational use. It is also suitable for markings in parking lots or temporary road. The latest formula also boasts brighter-than-ever colors (black, blue, green, orange, red, yellow, and white) and longer-lasting markers, perfect for long-lasting use.


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