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How to Use Furniture Polish

In our daily life, people often have to clean and maintain furniture to keep them shiny. But some incorrect cleanness and maintenance methods can let furniture turn to clean temporarily, but also will cause potential harm to furniture. However, as the use time increase, your furniture can appear the problem that can not make up.

Features of Furniture Polish

  • Removes finger marks, smudges, grease marks and stains.

  • Increase the surface gloss, improve the surface gloss of the product.

  • No pollution to the environment, and safe to use.

  • Increase the decorative surface of the product.

  • Maintain external cleanliness, gloss and color fastness.

The Recommend Procedure of Using Furniture Polish

  • Using the furniture shiner spray on a clean, soft white cloth, preferably a natural fiber such as cotton. Please save the furniture polish, because only a small amount of polish can keep furniture glossy for a long time.

  • Rub the furniture polish onto furniture in the direction of wood grain. Use the other side of a soft cloth. Or if necessary, use another soft cloth to remove excess polish from the furniture surfaces.

  • Avoid excessive friction, which is harmful to matt layer and probably will bring about uneven surface burnish of the furniture.


Other Furniture Maintenance Tips

Regularly remove dust, because dust will rub against the surfaces of solid wood furniture. It is better to use a clean soft cotton cloth. Don't use sponges or dishwashers to wipe your furniture. Besides, wood furniture surface also should have further maintenance by furniture polish, in order to increase the aesthetic exterior feeling. Avoid the furniture polish that contains silicone, which is not only softens and destroys the coating, but also clogs pores in the wood, making difficult to repairs. Although frequently using furniture polish does no harm to the coating, we recommend that you only using it once or twice a year. Excessive polishing can also impair the appearance of the coating.

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