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Benefits of Water Based Spray Paints

The advantages of water based spray paint are mainly environmental protection, small pollution. Besides, because of its water as a solvent, the taste is relatively small, but also it reduces pollution to the environment, saves resources and costs, which is very in line with the pace of development of the era featuring resources and environmental protection at the present stage. So it quickly became popular after it was launched. Moreover, the tools of water based spray paints can also be cleaned directly with water, which is convenient and energy saving. More importantly, water-soluble paint can basically adapt to the surface of common materials in the market. It has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off and oxidized. But in the construction process, the requirements of water based spray paint on the cleanliness and smoothness of the material surface are high, so if the cleaning is not very clean, then the effect of water based aerosol spray paint will also be greatly affected. 7CF® water based spray paint is widely used in all interior/exterior applications, for the surface treatment of steel, plastics, metals, finished wood, glass, and other base materials.

1. What is the water based spray paint?

The water based spray paint is a new type of environmentally friendly paint that uses water as a diluent and does not contain organic solvents, which does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances to human body, has a wide range of applicability. The water based spray paint has the similar color of solvent based paint, and the fullness is also similar, the flexibility is very good, waterproof performance is better, which can be widely used in wood, plastic, glass, building and other materials. 7CF® water based spray paint is formulated with water-based resin, which has low odor, low VOC content, is more environmentally friendly, fast drying, comfortable and easy to use. Water-based aerosol spray paint can be used indoors, in enclosed spaces, or in areas with poor ventilation. It has excellent adhesion and coverage. In addition, graffiti can choose water based spray paint. The water based spray paint has gradually become the mainstream trend in the spray painting industry. It can be applied to most materials and is suitable for graffiti. At the same time, wearing a mask while doodling can greatly reduce the impact of water based aerosol paint on the human body.

2. How to spray the water based spray paint?

The volatilization of water in water based spray paint is mainly controlled by adjusting the temperature and humidity of the spray paint chamber, and solvent based paint can adjust the solid fraction by adjusting the evaporation rate of diluent. The solid fraction of water based paint is usually 20% to 30%, and the solid fraction of solvent based paint is up to 60% to 70%, so the smoothness of water based paint is better. But at the same time it needs to heat for flash drying, otherwise it is easy to appear flow hanging, bubbles and other quality problems, so the rheological control technology of paint is the key to the design of water based spray paint.

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