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What Is Water Based Spray Paint Good For

As we all know, painting in the past is generally solvent-based. However, under today's condition of environmental protection, solvent-based paint is no longer meets the requirements. Water-based paint will gradually replace the status of solvent-based paint.

There are actually many classifications of aerosol paint. Spray paint for graffiti and spray paint for item color change are actually still have some differences. In terms of materials, an aerosol paint can also be divided into water-based spray paint and oil-based spray paint.

Water-based spray paint is an environmentally friendly paint, which does not contain organic solvents and other such chemical reagents. It is water-soluble, so you can use water as a diluent, to dilute water-based spray paint. Water-based spray paint has no formaldehyde and other substances harmful to human health, and will not harm the physical and mental health of humans. This kind of paint makes the paint film rich and looks crystal clear.

Advantages Of Water-based Paint

The coating technology is getting more and more advanced. Water-based spray paint and oil-based spray paint are very close in many performances, including constructability, coating cost, paint film feel, etc. But in environmental performance, because water-based spray paint is made of water as the medium, compared to oil-based paint will have more advantages.

  • The content is water based spray paint, diluted with water, and the content of harmful substances such as benzene, free TDI is also relatively low. There is no pungent smell.

  • Compared with oil-based paint, water-based paint is less prone to spontaneous combustion, not easy to fade, and has good light and color retention, like all our interior and exterior paints, metal paint, car paint, etc. There are corresponding water-based paint products.

  • Drying speed is faster, water-based spray paint within the water evaporates faster, so water-based self-spraying paint surface dries quickly, convenient for fast construction.

  • Water-based spray paint is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and has high environmental performance.

  • The paint film is fine, not dry, making paint film effect is better.

Application of water-based spray paint

The application of water-based spray paint is expanding due to the influence of environmental protection policy and new material technology innovation. At present, there is a large demand for spray paint from industrial refurbishment and repair to daily life products refurbishment and graffiti, such as engineering machinery painting, automotive industrial painting, civilian self-use refurbishment, and repair, etc., and the status is being paid more and more attention.

Objects with a metal appearance will be damaged after bumping, and this time can be remedied by water-based spray paint, which will restore the object to its original appearance by spraying on the part where the paint has fallen off. Or by spray paint to change the item to their very favorite color, it is really very convenient. Absolutely, the use of spray paint for graffiti is also more common.


Technical Difficulties of Water-based Spray Paint

Compared with the previous solvent-based spray paint, water-based spray paint has higher technical requirements and is more difficult to develop.

In terms of material selection, the requirements for resin alone are very high. Since traditional throwing agents have a great influence on the stability of water-based resins, general emulsions and dispersions cannot be stably dispersed in them, so water-based spray paint resins generally have to choose alcohol-soluble resins or water-soluble resins.

The choice of rust-proof pigment also needs to be very careful, which will affect the salt spray resistance of waterborne self spray paint, and at the same time, when developing waterborne self spray paint, the dispersion stability, the choice of material to gas ratio, the atomization effect of paint mist and so on should be taken into consideration.

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