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Based on a new starting point and achieve new heights

May in Shenzhen is the best time of the year with gentle winds and pleasant climate. On May 20, on this sweet and auspicious day, the relocation ceremony of the headquarters of Shenzhen Zhaoxin Energy Co., Ltd. was held grandly, and it officially settled in the Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. This relocation also means that Zhaoxin Co., Ltd. has opened a new chapter in the new headquarters office address with a new look and attitude.


On the day of the move, the new office of the company's headquarters was full of flowers and joy inside and outside. Under the leadership of Mr. Li Huachun, the company's chairman, all employees of the headquarters happily walked into the new office.

The spacious and clean office space, simple and fashionable decoration style, advanced and complete modern office facilities and efficient and user-friendly design concepts not only provide maximum convenience and comfort to all employees, but also demonstrate the prosperous vision and development of Zhaoxin Co., Ltd. bright future.

Based on a new starting point, achieve new heights. This relocation is a new starting point for the company's development and a new journey in the future. Zhaoxin Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on core businesses such as new energy and fine chemicals, empower industrial innovation and development with technology, and achieve sustainable and high-quality development of the company.

The new office area is located in Guangdong Street, known as "China's Silicon Valley". It is close to Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone and Houhai Super Headquarters Area. The surrounding road network is complete and rail transportation is convenient. It is an important functional area connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen cities. The location conditions are very advantageous. Guangdong Street can also be called Shenzhen's "legendary street office". It has more than 100 listed companies on 20 square kilometers of land, and the move of Zhaoxin Co., Ltd. has also added luster to the Shenzhen Bay Area.


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