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Setting Sail to Welcome Sunrise: Embarking on a New Journey

Time is like a flowing river, just like Shenzhen Sunrise New Energy Co.,Ltd. moving forward in the long river of history, leaving behind a magnificent footprint. Although the annual meeting of Sunrise in 2023 has come to an end, those unforgettable moments that touched our hearts are still vividly remembered. Today, let us review the grand celebration that was held on December 15, 2023, attended by partners and company employees, through these captured images, to relive those heartwarming moments.


In the opening speech of the annual ceremony, Mr. Li Huachun, the chairman of Shenzhen Sunrise New Energy Co.,Ltd., reviewed the company's magnificent development history with deep emotion and pride. He vividly described the glorious periods the company had experienced, such as the completion of Rainbow Industrial City in 1999, the completion of Rainbow Technology Building in 2007, and the important moment when the company's stocks were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008. However, he also admitted the various challenges the company has faced since 2018, including the forced demolition of Rainbow Industrial City, significant decline in business operations, difficulty in clearing mature debts, and freezing of bank accounts. Faced with these huge challenges, Chairman Li emphasized the unity of the team and the extensive support from all walks of society. He mentioned with emotion that the successful overcoming of difficult times was attributed to the wise leadership of the board of directors, the relentless efforts and selfless dedication of the employees, as well as the understanding and support of partners and clients. These factors together helped the company overcome the difficulties.


Insights from the Management

In the opening address of this annual celebration, Mr. Liu Gongzhi, the general manager of Shenzhen Sunrise New Energy Co.,Ltd., demonstrated deep insight. He not only comprehensively and meticulously analyzed the company's financial health, business growth trends, management efficiency, and compensation policies but also accurately pointed out several key dimensions of the company's development. He particularly emphasized the obvious advantage of Sunrise New Energy having a low debt ratio, which provides a solid financial foundation for the company. In addition, he highlighted the rapid development of the photovoltaic power station and aerosol business, demonstrating the company's competitiveness and innovative capabilities in the core business field.

General Manager Liu Gongzhi also emphasized the importance of a clear incentive mechanism in promoting the common growth of employees and the company. He pointed out that as a listed company that rapidly adapts to market changes, Sunrise New Energy has a young and efficient decision-making team, which is one of the key factors driving the company's rapid development. The company's existing platform has attracted a group of talented, passionate, and responsible individuals. He believes that these talents are the company's most valuable assets and the driving force behind its continuous development.

In addition to demonstrating the company's sound financial health and brand strength, General Manager Liu's speech also highlighted Sunrise New Energy's ambitious corporate vision: committed to building a platform that gathers industry resources and talents to promote sustainable social development. He emphasized that the company will adhere to the values of exploration, innovation, and cooperation, persist in maintaining the foundation while making new progress, and prioritize efficiency, all while emphasizing environmental friendliness as the core of the company's operating philosophy.

The company's slogan "Empowering the Future, Gathering Infinite Wisdom" not only reflects Sunrise New Energy's confidence in the future but also highlights the company's emphasis on innovation and wisdom. Looking ahead, General Manager Liu is full of confidence and optimism about the company's development. He not only emphasized the company's financial stability but also pointed out the progress made in key areas such as new technology research and development and market expansion. Finally, he mentioned the new projects and plans that the company is about to launch, outlining a clear and hopeful blueprint for Sunrise New Energy's future development.

Awards Ceremony

Next, we have the solemn awards ceremony. In this year's work, outstanding qualities such as responsibility, loyalty, dedication, and responsibility can be attributed without hesitation to these outstanding individuals. They did not compromise under pressure, accepted tasks and executed them, moved forward bravely, actively pursued progress, and showcased their courage with their strength, showcasing their outstanding character.

After presenting the 20-year service award, employee recognition awards, individual recognition awards, and management recognition awards one after another, we finally come to a surprise segment: presenting the Sunrise Meritorious Award. The Sunrise Meritorious Award is to recognize the outstanding contributions of General Manager Liu Gongzhi since joining Sunrise. With his professional ability, strategic vision, and leadership, he led the team to overcome various difficulties and completed many arduous tasks, helping the company get back on track.



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