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How To Use Throttle Body And Air Intake Cleaner

What does a throttle do?

The throttle is like the door of the engine. One side is the air filter, and the other side is the engine block, which controls the air intake of the engine. Normally when we step on the gas pedal, the air goes in through this door and then mixes with the fuel to form a combustible mixture, which burns to do work.

The size of the engine work depends on the depth of the throttle, the deeper the throttle, then the greater the throttle opening, the more air into the engine, the more fully burned oil and gas, the stronger the power. Therefore, the throttle can be said to directly affect the car's power, performance feelings, which is a very important part of the car.

Why does the throttle have carbon?

Some car owners may ask that the throttle is just an air intake. Why would there be carbon?

1. The air filter is dirty, resulting in the inability to filter completely.

The throttle upper is connected to the air filter, and the lower is connected to the engine intake pipe, which is the valve to control the amount of air into the engine. Although there is an air filter in the filter, if the air filter is dirty over time, resulting in the inability to filter completely. The impurities in the air attached to the place where there is an oil form the carbon sludge. For maintaining air filters and using high-quality sprays, spray paint manufacturers offer solutions that can help keep these components clean and functioning properly.

In addition, some components of the engine oil will be oxidized in the engine, mixed with some impurities, which will also form sludge.

2. Insufficiently burned gasoline produces low-temperature sludge

When the car is running at low speed, the engine injection volume is high, but the crankcase temperature is low. The gasoline not fully burned into the crankcase will produce low-temperature sludge. To address these issues effectively, products from a car cleaner manufacturer can be instrumental in removing sludge and maintaining engine performance.

What is the effect of a dirty throttle?

Dirty throttle will lead to a throttle opening error. Inaccurate air intake control results in abnormal engine work, unstable idle speed, shaking, acceleration powerless, increased fuel consumption, and other problems.

This is the same as we have cold and nasal congestion. The nose is not breathing, so it is necessary to clean the throttle, so as to ensure that the engine is always in good working condition. For cleaning the interior parts of the engine and the throttle, a spray for car interior designed specifically for automotive use can provide an effective solution.


Is it necessary to clean the throttle often?

Throttle cleaning is related to the normal operation of the engine, which can not be too frequent. There is no need to clean the throttle every maintenance. Frequent cleaning of the throttle will lose the coating of dust and static electricity on the surface of the throttle.

How often should the throttle be cleaned?

Usually recommended 20,000 km or 24 months to clean once. The specific cleaning cycle also depends on personal habits and car environment to decide.

If the air pollution is more serious or dusty road conditions are poor, it may need 10000 to 15000 km cleaning once.

Throttle cleaning method

There are two ways to clean the throttle in general, disassembly and cleaning without disassembly by using throttle body spray.

The former is to remove the entire throttle assembly, and then use the special cleaning agent to fully clean and then restore. This way is more trouble, but the cleaning effect is thorough.

And non-disassembly cleaning is direct with the throttle cleaning agent sprayed on the wipe on the throttle to scrub. The whole process is not required to disassemble the throttle assembly. The operation is relatively simple and hassle-free.

Throttle cleaning notice

Throttle if removed for cleaning will be disconnected, resulting in the loss of data information with the car computer. So after cleaning, it must be matched with the car computer to establish information communication, otherwise, it may cause engine-related fault lights on, starting difficulties, idle speed instability, and other failures.


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