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Repair Of Surface Coating Defects On Home Appliances

Various kinds of home appliances have become indispensable members of every family, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. They bring a lot of convenience to life. With the continuous upgrading of home appliances, people have put forward new requirements in the use of functional home appliances, and have higher and higher expectations for the appearance and texture of home appliances and environmental performance.

Appliance coating requirements

Our requirements for appliance coating are not only to make the appliance can have excellent anti-corrosion performance and durability in high temperature, high humidity, grease and smoke environment, but also need to have beautiful surface color that can be kept without fading for a long period of time. These requirements also bring many challenges to home appliance coating, mainly including the challenges of environmental protection, new materials, new processes, etc.

On the one hand, it is the issue of coating functionality of home appliances, that is, whether the adhesion, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, etc. meet the standards; on the other hand, whether the coating method used for these appliances is a green coating method and whether the coating is environmentally friendly is also worthy of attention.

In recent years, the state has been sending out green painting signals. In the face of challenges, we are looking for effective solutions. Many home appliance manufacturers began to focus on the improvement of the coating production line and environmental protection upgrades.

In response to the above problems, in order to improve the appearance, texture, function, environmental protection and other aspects of the performance of home appliances, home appliance coating industry companies continue to try various surface treatment processes to find the best way. In the process, 7CF further improve the application of water-based paint and powder coatings and other environmentally friendly coatings to upgrade the coating production line.


Water-based spray paint solution

Water-based spray paint is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits in environmental protection painting. Traditional paint contains organic solvents and will evaporate a lot of VOC and other harmful pollutants during the painting process.

The water based spray paint uses water instead of organic solvents, with low VOC content and no benzene, toluene, xylene and their derivatives, which will not produce irritating odor when painting and using, and can reduce the emission of harmful substances in the process of appliance painting, reducing the harm to the atmosphere and environment, and truly achieving zero emission.

In terms of hardness, abrasion resistance, gloss, adhesion, etc. water-based spray paint can already well meet the requirements of the home appliance industry coating. Water-based paint has good decorative performance and strong functionality, and can meet the requirements of home appliances in terms of color.

The requirements for repairing coating defects of home appliance products

1. Home appliance painting off-line coating defects

No matter what kind of coating method is used, the requirements for environment are high, and due to the uncertainty of various factors, it is a common problem to have defects in the appearance of appliance coating.

If the substrate is not cleaned properly and degreased in the early stage, it is easy to lead to poor adhesion of paint film and the surface is easy to have defects such as shrinkage and particles. Like refrigerators and other larger areas, more drooping surface, easy to produce flow hanging when painting, uneven paint film and other problems. Appliance panels require high performance of the coating, especially the filler panel paint film is too thick, easy to lead to the subsequent printing silk font deformation or even no font; and spraying too thin, uneven surface film formation, will affect the appearance and performance of the panel.

In addition, although small, home appliances are also composed of many parts. Such as washing machine, the shape of the panel and the body is not uniform, and the material is not the same. They have different requirements for painting. With the use of uniform painting, it is easy to produce coating defects, which needs for timely renovation repair.

2. Coating defects during transportation and installation

During the transportation and installation of home appliances, there will inevitably be cuts and bumps, resulting in scratches and breaks in the intact coating. For example, the location of the cuttings articulated by welding, the location of the screw holes and other large trauma, greatly affecting the aesthetics, or the coating scratches caused by the processing. These coating problems will increase costs if they have to be returned to the factory for painting, so the solution of on-site renovation and repair is urgently needed.


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