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Do carburetor cleaners really work

Carburetor cleaner belongs to the solvent type aerosol, mainly to dissolve the accumulated carbon of past carburetor and gum including metal dirt, which has the dissolving effect to accumulated carbon. Meanwhile, it has a certain dissolving effect on the metal. But when the metal surface has oil stains, using carburetor cleaner is feasible. And volatilization speed is fast, not making corrosion on the engine. But if the engine or oil seal completely invaded into the carburetor cleaner liquid, it will has corrosion and swelling of rubber parts.

The main purpose of using carburetor cleaner is to clean the oil circuit, remove accumulated carbon and residue. The main ingredients of carburetor cleaner are dichloromethane and toluene.

Features of Carburetor Cleaner

As a common car cleaner spray, the carburetor cleaner for sale has a good cleaning effect on accumulated carbon on various workpieces.

Cleaning the carbon on the catalyst without any adverse effect on the nature of the catalyst.

It can be used for the cleaning of internal combustion engine, compressor, refrigerator internal system, without any corrosive effect on the equipment.

It has corrosive effect on rubber.

Using method

Soaking and brushing method: submerge the workpiece to be cleaned in the cleaning agent for 1-20 hours.

Cycle cleaning method: Pour the carbon cleaning agent into the system to be cleaned and cycle cleaning for several hours. The cleaning agent will be extracted.


Carburetor cleaning operation

According to carburetor cleaner manufacturers, here are the carburetor cleaning operation details under below:

1. Clean the throttle.

Remove the engine trim cover, remove the throttle and use carburetor cleaner to clean it. And then dry it with a cotton cloth and install. In fact, we can throttle cleaning by ourselves. Because the process of cleaning the throttle is very simple, and the cost is very low.

2. Clean the internal engine accumulated carbon.

Open the oil cap, and then pour the whole can of cleaner into it (mixed with old oil). Cover the oil cap, and fire up the engine and idle for 10 minutes. Turn off the engine. Clean the carbon inside the engine, the cleaner dissolves the deposits such as sludge, gum, water and metal debris inside the engine, and can reduce the pollution of new oil and prolong the service life of the engine. Its cleaning cycle is generally in 30,000 km once. As for the internal engine carbon cleaning method is also very simple. Just before maintenance, add a bottle of internal engine cleaner in the oil port, and idle for about 10 minutes.And then immediately replace the oil filter maintenance can be.

What parts are suitable for carburetor cleaner?

In our recognition, carburetor cleaner is mainly used to clean the carburetor. But it can also clean valves, pistons, bearings, fuel injectors, gasoline pumps, throttle and other common parts during overhaul. However, it can not be used to clean the car’s paint, various seals on the car, electric wires, etc. Because the carburetor cleaner has a corrosive effect. In conclusion, it is suitable for cleaning oil and accumulated carbon on the metal hard surface of component and individual parts. Besides, it can be used to clean the residual oil dirt and stains in the car carburetor, but is not applicable to the combustion parts.

Tips: when using carburetor cleaner, do not make the product touch the skin for a long time, which is hurt for hands, especially the eyes. If you really get into carburetor cleaner on the eyes or skin, please immediately wash with water, until you do not feel pain. Carburetor cleaner is also inflammable, so be careful when using it. Keep it well after use.


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