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Is There a Spray That Stops Rust?

1. The importance of using a spray that stops rust

The oil pollution produced in our lives can be removed with a bottle of detergent, while the oil pollution in industrial production can't be removed like that. The degree of modernization of industrial production is getting higher and higher, and the requirements of customers for products are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, product cleaning and rust prevention are extremely important. As we all know, the more precise the product, the higher its size requirements, and if the protection is slightly inadvertent, the product may be completely scrapped, or its performance will be damaged. In this way, the image and reputation of the manufacturer will not only be damaged but also financially, there will be the possibility of being sued. Therefore, rust prevention is important in industrial production and should not be ignored.

The spray that stops rust is a multi-purpose metal maintenance agent that integrates anti-rust, loose rust, dehumidification, lubrication, cleaning, and electrical conductivity. Its unique formulation provides metals with long-lasting resistance to wear and corrosion, increasing efficiency and extending the life of parts and machines. The anti-rust spray effectively extinguishes the arc to prevent the generation of electric sparks and can continue to work effectively under extreme temperature conditions. In addition, the anti-rust spray can effectively prevent carbonization, improve the touch of the switch, and significantly improve the electrical contact performance.

2. Anti-rust principle of the spray that stops rust

The main component of the anti rust lubricant spray is the film-type anti-rust oil, which can not only prevent the metal from rusting but also has a lubricating effect. This lubricant, also known as a penetrating lubricant, is a lubricant with low surface tension that expands to form a film on the metal surface, preventing air and moisture from coming into contact with it, thereby preventing rusting of metal parts. At the same time, it can also lubricate metal moving parts, reducing wear and saving energy.

The methods to prevent metal from being chemically corroded are generally: passivation, such as the use of rust inhibitor, and anti-rust oil; electroplating, galvanizing, and cold galvanizing, which can form a hard and stretchable film and can be engaged with any metal base. The material is bonded, and the zinc content is more than 95%; the isolation layer is brushed, and the surface is painted to isolate the air and water. 7CF spray paint factory provides you high-quality anti-rust lubricant spray.

3. The scope of application of a spray that stops rust

Metal essentials. The spray that stops rust can be used for all kinds of electronic connectors, relays, circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, engines, all kinds of control and adjustment devices, equipment, communication equipment, electronic warning systems, starters; all kinds of castings, gears, fixtures; Drilling machines, mechanical surfaces, conveyor belts; all kinds of metal fasteners, lubricating parts, mechanical accessories, cranes, rails, window and door rails, zippers, tools, bicycle chains, door locks, all kinds of hardware, etc.


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