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How To Avoid Bubbles And Cracks

Reasons of blister on the car paint surface

1. Paint of poor quality. This phenomenon often will occur in the roadside stores. Such stores tend to use the paint with lower price or poor quality paint. It can imagine that these paints sprayed onto the car will make not good results.

2. Spraying conditions and process don't meet of high requirements and technique.

Before the painting, the paint surface is strictly prohibited to existing the slightest moisture. Pre-lacquer filling ash (atomic ash) needs to be totally dried in the dry environment before entering the paint room to spray paint. The above points are the main reasons for the blistering of the car paint surface.

3. Spraying paint is too thick. The operator did not pay more attention to the spraying paint over the layer, or spryaing technical limitations, which often lead to the overall thickness of the paint and the paint body down stream. Besides, if the later polishing is not handled well, it will also result in future paint blistering.

It is recommended to pay more attention to this protection aspect. If you find some special traces of extremely corrosive or mistakenly sticky impurities on the body, remove them in time. If you can't wash off with water, you should clean with special cleaner. Do not scrape with a blade or eliminate with chemical solvents such as gasoline, so as not to harm the paint surface.

Cracks of car painting

The reasons why car paint produces obvious cracks after painting are as follows. When increasing the intermediate coating, the obvious cracks appear on the plane because the paint and thinner used between the coatings do not match, resulting in not being able to play all the auxiliary role. Therefore the paint film resistance is weakened, and it will occur cracks. Besides, the bottom layer is not dry on the surface layer. The surface layer is painted too thickly, so that it exceeds the normal tension of the paint film and causes cracks. It is important to choose the correct products from car spray paint suppliers.

Automobile spray paint maintenance methods

1. Choose a better matching paint, so that the hardness and stretching performance of the bottom and top coating film are similar.

2. After the bottom layer is dry, apply the top layer.

3. The thickness of the top layer coating film should not be too thick. It should meet the process requirements. Choose the cold resistance, good weather resistance of the top layer coating. Also avoid the coated object prematurely exposed to the cold.


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