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What is a Interior Detailer?

Some people drive to work and spend an average of one to two hours a day in the car. Some people need to drive for business trips and spend an average of one-third of their day in the car. Some people travel by car to visit relatives, clients, friends, parties, appointments, and spend a lot of time in the car every day.

For us, the car can be a shelter from the wind and rain. There are memories with family members, relatives, friends, clients and colleagues here. It can be said to be our second warm home. With the innovation of automobile technology and the improvement of living standards, automobiles are not just a means of transportation, but represent people's attitudes towards life, and people's requirements for automobile interiors are getting higher and higher. We know that when the interior of the car is used for a long time, there will be fading and aging. And there will be dirt, the leather will get old, and the interior will be worn down, making the interior of the car look very old and tarnished. At this time, no matter how you wipe it with water, it doesn't work. So how do you quickly restore the luster and texture of your leather seats, and make your dashboard and tire surfaces as bright as new?


I. The role of interior detailer

  1. It has the effect of cleaning, glazing, dustproof and anti-aging, and is suitable for car dashboards, leather seats, synthetic leather, tires, household appliances, rubber, plastics, etc. Interior detailer can be cleaned and polished to keep the surface glossy as new;

  2. It can quickly restore the natural luster and texture of the leather to the leather seats and roof of the car, keeping it fresh and soft. It makes the dashboard, tire surface bright and bright as new.

  3. Excellent effects, including dust-proof and anti-rust. The good lubricity of the interior detailer can prevent the surface of the object from being roughened and make the surface of the object highly glossy.

  4. The interior detailer is rich in powerful decontamination factors, penetrates quickly, has strong detergency, has super deep cleaning effect, and is safe and convenient to use. Surface wax is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces such as automobiles, motorcycles and ships, and can effectively clean stains on instrument panels, tires, bumpers, interior walls, ceilings, and artificial leather, velvet, fibers, carpets, and other items. In addition to this, interior detailer can also be used for cleaning surfaces such as household appliance casings, glass, bathrooms, furniture, tiles, metals, etc.

Are interior detailers harmful to car interiors (car leather trim, gauges, etc.)?

If you use the interior detailer regularly, it will cause certain damage to the car interiors. Therefore, it is necessary to control the frequency of using interior car cleaning products. It is recommended to use it at most once a month. If it is used frequently, it is easy to cause damage to the car dashboard, such as corrosion.

Interior detailers is mainly used to clean and maintain the dashboard . Under normal circumstances, the occasional use of car cleaner will not corrode the dashboard, and can effectively decontaminate, anti-static, anti-aging, etc.

If there is strong sunlight, it is easy to generate harmful gases and cause harm to the human body, so it should be used reasonably.

As mentioned above, dashboards require reasonable maintenance. Appropriate spraying of the interior detailers can effectively protect the car, but if it is used frequently, it will damage the dashboard to a certain extent. Use high-quality surface wax, control the frequency of use, and maintain the car reasonably, so as to prolong the life of the car.

II. Methods of using the interior detailers

The use of interior detailers is very simple, all you need to do is just spray and wipe. Before use it, shake the interior detailers evenly, stand the can body upright, spray evenly at a distance of 15-20 cm from the surface of the objects, and then wipe it with a soft dry cloth until it is bright.

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