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What Is Silicone Spray

Silicone spray is a kind of aerosol packaging silicone oil products. It can effectively eliminate friction noise, sticky and astringent, adsorption and other phenomena and delay corrosion, which makes the cleaning work faster and easier. This kind of package is easy to use, fast dry and slippery, not greasy, and does not leave an oily film, which plays an effective role in the equipment protection. Silicone spray is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive, non-sticky, wax-free, stable in a temperature environment from -40°C to 204°C, and has excellent low surface tension.

Silicone Spray Applications

Silicone spray can be used on metal, glass, rubber, plastic, printed matter and textile surfaces (except polystyrene materials).

Applications in the processing industry

Silicone spray can be used on the surface of tools such as cutters, drills, press dies, saw blades, which can lubricate and prevent rusting and avoid adhesion of gum-like substances to the equipment. Besides, silicone spray can prevent carbonization and rusting of seals, metal handles, plating plates and other automatic heating and sealing facilities.

Applications in the mold industry

Silicone spray can solve adhesion problems in rubber and part-time mold making. It is effective in preventing rusting of tools and equipment surfaces, excellent mold release agent.

Applications in the textile and garment industry

Silicone spray can be used in sewing machines, cutting tables and press machines. Besides, silicone spray manufacturers can make products which can prevent stagnation of fabrics during sewing and cutting. Silicone spray can be used in irons and other ironing equipment to prevent sticking, and used in bibs and other places to prevent fabric from being scratched or color filament.

Applications in the machining industry

Silicone spray can be used in mandrels, mobile groove, carton processing and other equipment guides, also can be used in ovens, thermostats, transfer machines and other equipment surfaces to reduce the appearance of stickiness and save cleaning time.

Applications in the screen printing industry

Silicone spray can improve the flow resistance of ink in the screen aperture, avoid clogging of the screen aperture, prolong the screen plate using life, and make the printed image more exquistie and complete.


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