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Spray Paint Helps To Refurbish The Industrial Sector For Fixing

As we all know, industrial products, such as automobiles, construction machinery products are more complex environment. The damage to the original paint layer is from all sides. In the process of driving, the car body, chassis, wheels and other parts, often subject to gravel impact, to withstand the erosion of rain, muddy water and other water substances with strong acidity and alkalinity. Once the corrosion is excessive it will cause damage to the paint film. The interior parts of the car, after several years of use, may also appear wear and tear aging phenomenon.

As for excavators, cranes and other construction machinery, it is to be constructed outdoors, facing the wind and rain, high temperature, high cold, day and night temperature differences, wind erosion along the coastal zone and other natural environmental corrosion and attack.

The long-term presence of corrosion and aggression in these environments can lead to coating damage, bubbles and rust, and in serious cases, even affect the operational quality of the product, so it is necessary to regularly repair and maintain these industrial products. How to quickly refurbish the damaged surfaces of these industrial products for partial repair is a big problem for many business owners, individual users and repairers! The overall renovation is time-consuming and costly, and there are no tools for partial repair, and it is difficult to control the quality of the repair even if the car or construction machinery is brought to a professional repair point for partial renovation and maintenance.

Because of its use of repair products, coating performance, appearance quality is far from the original surface using the original paint, which is easy to have errors.

If the repair products do not have the performance of aging resistance, salt spray resistance, etc., then the repair only plays the role of local simple color patching, which is not conducive to the service life of the equipment.

To use 7cf China spray paint for repair, you can save a lot of trouble, so that the industrial product surface repair and renovation becomes simple and efficient, saving maintenance costs!


Market Demand for Spray paint

When the original paint film is partially damaged in use, or loses its original luster with the passage of time,  spray paint becomes the best assistant for partial spot repair. In order to be the best spot repair assistant for industrial products, there are high requirements for the versatility of self spraying paint. In addition to the smoothness of spraying construction, it is also required to cover as many types of substrates as possible, such as wood, plastic, PP (automotive interior parts), steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy and even powder coating substrates, etc. What is especially critical is whether the coating contained in the self spray paint has aging resistance and salt spray resistance to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance in the subsequent use of the product.

Zhaoxin Stock spray paint manufacturer has developed different types of spray paint products for different scenarios and different user needs. Spray paint provides maintenance and repair for industrial coatings, with very good paint film effect, salt spray and water resistance, and good anti-corrosion, which can be used for local spot patching of industrial products such as construction machinery, automobiles, steel structure substrates, etc.

At present, 7cf spray paint series include: water-based spray paint, metal spray paint, etc., can be used for metal, plastic and other material items to change the color of renovation, metal items of renovation of anti-rust, but also for metal items of anti-rust priming; in addition, spray paint can also be used for graffiti, professional-grade quality, designed for graffiti hobby crowd to build.


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