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Enter the field of electric vehicle charging and optimize the layout of the new energy industry chain


On November 19, 2015, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Yongsheng New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Yongsheng") signed an agreement with Shenzhen Guodian Energy Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (referred to as "Guodian Energy Investment") After signing the "Equity Transfer Agreement", Shenzhen Yongsheng plans to acquire the 20% equity of Shenzhen Charging Easy Technology Co., Ltd. ("Charging Easy Technology") held by Guodian Energy Investment with its own funds. The transaction price is RMB 1 .

Charging Easy Technology is a company engaged in the installation, operation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging facilities, the repair and maintenance of electric vehicle accessories and the operation of new energy vehicle charging facilities. It will carry out BYD electric vehicle charging pile business. This equity transaction will help the company optimize the layout of the new energy industry chain and improve the company's core competitiveness.

After the completion of this transaction, all shareholders of Charging Easy Technology will realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, which will help maximize the interests of all parties. At the same time, it also plays a supporting role in the company's strategic layout of downstream industries in the field of photovoltaic power generation, which is in line with the company's overall development strategy.


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