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How Do I Clean the Air Conditioner in My Car?

The principles of car air conditioners and home air conditioners are basically the same. If you use it for a long time and dust mites accumulate a lot, you need to wash it. With the arrival of summer, the frequency of use of air conditioners is also increasing. Because of the weather, drivers often turn on the car's air conditioner, but they don't know how much dust there is in the air conditioner. There is a lot of dust and bacteria accumulated in the car air conditioner, so it is very necessary to clean it.

Ⅰ. Introduction of car AC cleaner spray

Car AC cleaner sprays are useful. After cleaning the air conditioner with a special cleaning agent, you can clean the dust and dirt inside the air conditioner. In this way, the airflow exchange will be smoother, and the cooling effect will be significantly enhanced, which is beneficial to health. So you need to prepare an car air conditioner anti bacterial spray to clean the inside of your car.

Ⅱ. What are the ways to use the car AC cleaner spray?

Now 7CF spray paint factory wants to share with you how to use the car AC cleaner spray :

1. Before using the car AC cleaner spray to clean the air conditioner, you need to shake the cleaner first, and then cover the hose inside the package. Next, you need to adjust the air conditioner to the external circulation air volume and turn it on to the maximum, but you need to be careful not to turn on the compressor of the air conditioner.

2. Aim the cleaning agent nozzle directly at the position of the air-conditioning filter element, so that the suction inside will suck the cleaning agent in, thereby cleaning the air-conditioning pipeline. Please make sure that the hose of the cleaning agent should not be too close to the blower, so as not to be inhaled.

3. After spraying the cleaning agent, you need to let the air conditioner run for 10 minutes in the mode of external circulation. During this period, it should be operated during the engine idling process. Otherwise, it is easy to cause insufficient battery power and cause power loss. After the car AC cleaner spray has cleaned the evaporator and air ducts, the foam on the surface will form a liquid and flow down the drain.

It is very necessary to clean the car's air conditioner, otherwise, the consequences are unpredictable. If you can develop a good habit of washing your car's air conditioner regularly, then your empty car will last longer than the previous year, and you can also give yourself a clean environment. Cars are convenient for people to travel and are closely related to daily life. Especially now that industrial pollution is becoming more and more serious, air quality is getting worse and worse. Whether indoors or outdoors, or even inside a car, we must pay more attention to air quality. Using a car AC cleaner spray for a small car is another guarantee of health.


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