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White Lithium Grease and Regular Grease, Which is Better?


White Special lithium-based grease has high heat resistance, water resistance (corrosion resistance), moisture resistance, and oxidation resistance, as well as long lasting lubrication properties. White lithium-base grease is widely used in metal, metallic and plastic lubrication, and friction pairs of various mechanical equipment.

1. White lithium grease vs Regular grease: understanding white lithium grease

If you want to know who is better between white lithium grease and regular grease, you should first understand white lithium based grease. White lithium based grease is a lubricant that usually appears in the form of an aerosol. It is a heavy-duty lubricant used in metal-to-metal applications. Lithium is a thickening agent, so it not only provides the structure to hold the oil in place, but also acts as a sponge by releasing a small amount of oil during use. 7CF® White lithium based grease is a white grease aerosol lubricant that is lubricated by forming a protective layer. The white lithium-based grease lubricant is protected from moisture and high temperatures and is safe for use in a variety of applications. It provides anti-friction lubrication and heavy-duty protection. White lithium grease lubricants will not flow, wash off or drop. Get more infomation about aerosol lubricant manufacturers.

2. White lithium grease vs Regular grease: the benefits of white lithium grease

white lithium grease has many advantages compared with regular greases, such as: white lithium grease provides long-term lubrication; The high viscosity formulation of white lithium-based grease means that it will not drip or flow; White lithium base grease works well under pressure and is very suitable for load-bearing connections; White lithium base grease can reduce friction and wear; White lithium based grease is ideal for outdoor use because it is water resistant and heat resistant. As a professional lithium grease manufacturers, we have many types of grease products, such as 7cf engine degreaserfoam degreaser for carschain grease spray and so on. 

3. White lithium grease vs Regular grease: automotive white lithium grease

What are the advantages of white lithium grease and regular grease in the use of automobiles? Designed to meet the needs of automotive maintenance, 7CF® white lithium grease for sale is ideal for metal-to-metal lubrication. White lithium-based grease is used to keep components moving smoothly, frictionless and stuck. You can also use it prophylactically to prevent rust and corrosion. In addition to its use in automobiles, white lithium grease can also be used to lubricate door hinges, lubricate sunroof sliding panels, prevent components from flooding, and lubricate motor pivot points. 7CF® white lithium based grease is also ideal for domestic purposes such as lubricating: garden tools, cables, and chains, water pumps, latches and hinges, and trailer/caravan tractors.


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