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Types of spray paints

Water soluble spray paint

Water soluble spray paint is a kind of paint, which can be dissolved and dispersed by water, so as to realize the spraying of paint. Water soluble spray paint has the advantages of low toxicity, non-flammability, non-toxicity, safety, usability, applicability and environmental friendliness, and can replace traditional solvent-based paints for exterior and interior painting of various buildings.

The aqueous solution of water soluble spray paint has good fluidity, and can finish painting work in a short time, and the effect of painting is more durable than that of traditional spray paint. Its main ingredient is water, so it is easier to wash and suitable for various surfaces, such as metal, wood, concrete, stone, glass, etc. In addition, since water soluble spray paint has no solvent, it will not pollute air and water sources, nor will it damage the environment, so it is widely used in indoor and outdoor painting work.

Automotive metallic spray paint

Automotive metallic spray paint is composed of metal paint film and primer, and the metal paint film is its surface layer, which is composed of hard plastic with pigments, fillers and a certain amount of solvent. It can effectively protect the metal surface of the car, stop oxidation, prevent corrosion, and make the appearance of the car smoother and durable. Automotive metallic spray paint is the most important protective coating on the car, and it is also an important embodiment of the aesthetics of the car. The quality of metallic auto spray paint directly affects the appearance of the car, and also affects the long-term service life of the car.

Acrylic spray paint

Acrylic spray paint, also known as "plastic spray paint", is a type of plastic paint used to paint different types of surfaces. It can be used to paint metal, wood, glass, plastic and other surfaces. It can provide high strength and smooth surface appearance, so as to obtain a good decorative effect. It is ideal for industrial and domestic surface treatment. 7CF®Acrylic Spray Paint is made of thermoplastic acrylic resin spray paint, which can be sprayed in the form of aerosol, so that the paint film has excellent properties such as excellent weather resistance, good leveling, strong hiding power, fast drying, and good thick buildability. It can match with a variety of paints and primer. Try spray paint manufacturers 7cf's acrylic aerosol paint and customized spray paint today to achieve a fantastic decorative effect on different surface types.

Acrylic spray paints are used on a variety of different types of surfaces including metal, wood, glass, plastic and more. It can be used in the surface coating of household appliances, automobiles, furniture and buildings, etc., and can provide extremely high firmness and smooth surface, so as to obtain good decorative effects. In addition, acrylic spray paint is also used for outdoor painting in playgrounds, parks and other places to improve its durability and decoration. Acrylic spray paint can also be used to prevent fires, because it has good flame retardant properties, which can prevent burning and ensure public safety.


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