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The Use Environment and Precautions of Cold Galvanizing

Ⅰ. The use environment of cold galvanizing spray paint

Civil engineering

Bridges, viaducts, guardrails, fences, signposts, steel bars


Pipes for gas, water, structures, etc., steel frame structures, temporary football fields, armrests, safety fences, stairs, scaffolding, iron window frames for construction, three-dimensional parking lots

Electricity and communication

Iron towers, iron pillars, scaffolding for electric machines, metal parts, various antennas, transformer racks, wired iron structure

Ship fishing

Galvanized paint of 7cf spray paint can be used for refrigeration equipment, anchors, locks, spotlights, buoys, oil storage tanks, various metal fittings, piping metal utensils.

Environmental hygiene

Sanitation equipment, incinerators, various barrels

Agriculture and horticulture

Greenhouses, silos, chicken houses, agricultural installation structures, irrigation pipes, agricultural machinery

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Ⅱ. Precautions for cold galvanizing spray paint

1. As a metal polish spray, the cold galvanizing spray paint contains pressure gas, please keep away from heat sources and open flames; do not pierce, hit or burn the aerosol can.

2. Keep away from children.

3. This product contains a slight smell, which is slightly irritating to the skin and eyes. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, please immediately rinse with plenty of water, if you still feel unwell, go to the hospital for examination; after skin contact, rinse immediately with soap and plenty of water.


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