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Maersk, MSC, Hapag-Lloyd, HMM, and CMA CGM Announce: Major Price Adjustments on these Routes!

Recently, several shipping companies including Maersk, MSC, HMM, Hapag-Lloyd, and CMA CGM have announced adjustments to their freight rates.

Maersk: increase in FAK rates from Far East to Mediterranean

According to information from Maersk's official website and media reports, on July 17, Maersk announced an increase in FAK rates from Far East ports to the Mediterranean effective from July 31, 2023. In particular, the FAK rates from major Asian ports to Casablanca, Morocco will be increased to USD 2750 per 20-foot container and USD 3600 per 40-foot container.


Previously, on July 3, Maersk announced an increase in FAK rates from major Asian ports to the hub ports of Rotterdam, Felixstowe, and Gdansk effective from July 31, 2023. The new rates will be USD 1025 per 20-foot container and USD 1900 per 40-foot container.


Maersk: Revision of PCC

Maersk announced a revision of the Panama Canal Charge (PCC) for transiting cargo through the Panama Canal starting from August 3. This revision will apply to dry and reefer cargo.

Maersk stated that the new PCC rates for the following 9 routes will be USD 175 per 20-foot container and USD 305 per 40-foot container (including high cube and 45-foot containers):

- Central Asia-West Latin America

- Asia-Pacific region-Latin America

- Africa-Latin America

- Europe-Latin America

- North America-Latin America

- Central Asia-West US East Coast

- Asia-Pacific region-US East Coast

- Africa-US East Coast

- Europe-US West Coast

MSC: Adjustment of FAK rates for India-Pakistan to European ports

According to media reports, MSC recently announced the latest rates for shipments from India and Pakistan to the ports of Antwerp, Belgium and Valencia, Spain. These rates will be effective from August 7 until further notice, but no later than August 31, 2023.



Hapag-Lloyd: Rate increase for India-Pakistan-Bangladesh to Northern and Southern Europe

Recently, Hapag-Lloyd announced an increase in rates for shipments from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh to Northern and Southern Europe. The updated rates will apply to 20' and 40' dry containers, including high cube equipment, and will be effective from August 6, 2023, until further notice.


Hapag-Lloyd: Congestion surcharge

Recently, Hapag-Lloyd announced the imposition of a congestion surcharge on containers transported to the port of Moerdijk in Norway.

Hapag-Lloyd recently announced the implementation of a congestion surcharge for containers transported to the port of Moerdijk, Norway.

Hapag-Lloyd stated that starting from July 17, a congestion surcharge of USD 150/TEU and USD 300/FEU will be applied to dry and reefer containers transported from the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent to Moerdijk.

HMM: Increase in India-US West Coast GRI

According to media reports on July 18, HMM announced a GRI increase for shipments from India to the US West Coast. The following rate adjustments will be effective from July 15:

- US$250/40ft for PS gate - HMM's Pacific South Services (PS3, PS6, PS7 & PSX) to USWC

- US$150/40ft for PN gate, including Vancouver - HMM's Pacific North Services (PN3 & PN4)

- US$100-US$300 for inland destinations

CMA CGM: Adjustment of peak season surcharge

Recently, CMA CGM decided to adjust the Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for shipments from the west coast of India to the east coast of South America.

The updated surcharge will be USD 150 per container and will only apply to dry cargo. It will be effective from August 13 to September 15.


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