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Winning the Market Launches New TEGO Flow 380 Leveling Agent for High-Quality Automotive Transparent Coatings

Wincoat's paint additive business is expanding its TEGO® Flow series with the introduction of an efficient polyacrylic levelling agent. TEGO® Flow 380 is suitable for solvent-based coatings, particularly transparent coatings. It has excellent resistance to cracking and good compatibility and is mainly used in automotive and general industrial coatings.

Excellent recoatability

TEGO® Flow 380 is composed of 100% active substance content based on a unique polymer technology. "The key here is controlled incompatibility," explains Maximilian Morin, Head of Industrial and Transportation Coatings Marketing.

Incompatibility with coatings to some extent is important for leveling performance, but too much incompatibility can lead to surface defects such as gloss reduction or fogging," Morin discusses. "Through TEGO® Flow 380, we have balanced incompatibility well, thereby achieving excellent performance. In addition, the new leveling agent supports good recoatability, which is particularly important for automotive repair paints."

Efficient and Sustainable

Due to its low viscosity, TEGO® Flow 380 is particularly easy to add to formulations. "It can be used directly; no dilution is necessary," said Michael Wang, Research and Technology – Industrial and Transportation Coatings.

In addition, this new product is particularly sustainable: on the one hand, it displays excellent performance even in low doses. On the other hand, the leveling agent emits few volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and its low viscosity effect makes it attractive for high solid content formulations.


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