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Advantages of Spray Painting

Spray paint is aerosol paint, also known as manual spray paint, which is a kind of paint that is processed by special methods and then filled with high pressure for easy spraying. It usually consists of aerosol cans, aerosol valves, contents (paint) and propellants. The content of self-spraying paint can be water-based paint and oil-based paint, each with its own characteristics, can be used in different scenes with strong flexibility, suitable for small-area complementary color needs and special construction.

Spray painting provides a quick and economical way to apply high-quality paint coatings to a variety of surfaces. Thus, what are the advantages of spray painting? 7cf spray paint will introduce this to you.

Here are the advantages of spray painting, as introduced by 7CF, a leading spray paint company.

1. What are the benefits of spray painting?

Self-spraying paint has good hiding power during use, which can effectively hide the surface defects of the item, and its leveling is good. At the same time, it also has high color retention and gloss retention, so that the surface of the item can maintain glossiness and freshness for a long time. The spray rate of self-spraying paint is extremely high, more than 96%. Self-spraying paint can be matched with a suitable primer and has strong adhesion. Moreover, self-spraying paint has good water resistance and chemical resistance.

The paint mist sprayed from spray paint is thin and uniform, not easy to sag. It dries faster in a room temperature environment with suitable humidity, which is easier to dry than brushing paint. As the paint film is thin, you can spray more layers to ensure the entire full effect, so that there will be no gaps and brush marks.

The spray paint, especially custom spray paint, is also very convenient to use. It only needs to be shaken and sprayed on the surface of the sprayed object to be sprayed to form a better paint film, which can give the object a high-quality protective effect. Our spray paint china is also faster to color, and can take half the time compared to brushing. The most important thing is that spray painting will be easier for beginners to master, basically just need to spray a few times.

Due to its superior performance, self-spraying paint has a wide range of uses. Through economic development in recent years, the use has grown from repairing paint defects at the beginning to molds, industrial machinery, toys, handicrafts, musical instruments, buildings, steel structures, advertising, signage, graffiti and other industries.

2. How to use spray paint?

Shake the bottle repeatedly before painting to fully stir the paint inside. Keep a distance of about 20 cm. If the distance is too close, there will be bubbles and accumulation. If the area is too far, it will cause waste. Pay attention to the wind speed. Self-spraying paint is not suitable for wind power level 2 (including level 2). Beware of dust, dust and small insects are often bringing troubles.

Pay attention to temperature and humidity to prevent exposure to sunlight or excessive humidity, low temperature, and excessive dryness. Apply a thin layer at a time, spray after a few minutes, and repeat several times. To do it in one go, to strafe, use less bursts. Spray it upside down several times after use, and then keep it in a cool place.

For bulk purchasing, consider wholesale spray paint options for economical and efficient use in various applications.


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