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How Do You Remove Sticky Residue from Your Windshield?

In our daily life, we always want to stick something, which can bring different style and experience to the original objects. Posters, hooks on the wall, stickers on the glass window... at first they are good to see, but after a long time, we start to get tired of them, and want to tear off, but the glue and objects seem to grow together. It is a big problem to remove the glue. The same is true of the car. In terms of the car stickers and advertisements, there are some offset prints when you tear them off, affecting the beauty of the car, so how to remove the glue? The best solution is to use the adhesive remover. Here, we recommend you 7CF® car paint safe adhesive.

1. Adhesive remover is used to remove adhesive from the windshield

In order to remove the tape residue on the wall, door and car, we tried a variety of methods, and finally found a good way, that is to use a professional adhesive remover. After only a few minutes, the offset print can be easily removed! It can achieve strong removing results, clean it without trace, and contains a special dissolving factor, which can quickly remove all kinds of adhesive on objects.

Not only that, it has a wide range of uses. For example, advertising posts on the door, sponge glue, product labels, glass stickers, car stickers and so on can be removed, wiped as clean as a new buy.

You don't need to wear gloves when using the degumming agent because it's mild and won't corrode surfaces or hurt your hands, whether it's in your home or your car or anywhere else. As long as there are glue marks left by products containing glue, it can be used to clean the surface of the car. Not only is the surface of the car not damaged after cleaning, it is as good as new.

In addition to the glue marks, we often park under trees when we park, and the gum may fall on our car. If there is this kind of gum on our car, you can use the car adhesive remover to clean up the glue marks in an easy and convenient way.

2. Application of adhesive remover for vehicle safety

(1) Wipe clean the dust and water on the adhesive surface before use.

(2) Shake the adhesive remover before application to provide a better cleaning and faster penetration into the bottom of the adhesive mark.

(3) Keep 2 to 4 inches away from the surface and spray the product.

(4) Wait a few minutes for the product to dissolve the sticker or glue residue.

(5) Remove any residue and wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

7CF® adhesive remover contains the strong and quick-acting formulas for quickly removing adhesive and label residues, stickers, decals, tape, tar, SAP, bugs, grease and other adhesive substances, ceramics, stone, and various plastics from treated and untreated metal, glass, wood, fabric parts. If you try our adhesive remover, a quick and easy spray can clean and repair soiled surfaces in seconds.

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