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How to Choose the Right Car Paint Color?

Now almost all cars are painted on the outside. We see a variety of brands of cars on the market, each with a different color. This is all done before the car leaves the factory. However, when we use the car for a long time, and the car doesn't have timely maintenance due to various reasons, we will find that some of the paint on the the bodywork is fading. When the car is used for a long time, many people will choose to use automotive spray paint to spray it, and the car will be more beautiful and brand new after spraying according to the required vehicle color.

However, many people are faced with the problem of what color to choose. In fact, during the maintenance of car paint, it is best to choose the paint with the original color of your car. If you want to have a new experience, you have to make a choice based on your preferences and the model of your car. So how to choose the right paint color?

1. How to choose the right paint color?

First of all, if your car has a more personalized style, such as a small body or sports car, you can choose to paint the car, with some more bright colors. This will make your car look more stylish and eye-catching. If your car is a regular sedan model, I suggest you use some bolder colors, such as black gray, and white, which will give it a business car feel, more formal and solemn. If your car is an off-road Jeep, you should choose some custom color automotive spray paint in line with its own characteristics, such as a camouflage pattern. Here, we recommend you Chinese spray paint 7CF.

2. The benefits of using custom color automotive spray paint

In order to choose the right paint color, you can use custom color 7cf spray paint. 7CF®Custom Color Spray Paint is made of thermoplastic acrylic resin. Custom color spray paint can be sprayed with aerosols, so that the film has excellent weather resistance, good leveling, hiding power, fast drying, and high film performance, which is a good match with many types of primer. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of chrome spray paint, we offer aerosol spray paint in a variety of colors (RAL colors and PANTONE colors) or custom colors.

All in all, don't blindly use mainstream automotive paint colors, which may make your car look garish. Meanwhile, if you don't know how to choose a paint brand, you can choose 7CF® custom automotive paint color. Custom color automotive paint is widely used in all internal/external applications, for the surface treatment of steel, plastic, metal, surface-treated wood, glass, etc. The need to customize color will also add color to your life.

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