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Focusing on the theme of advanced manufacturing to support the 7CF brand’s international expansion | Shenzhen Sunrise debuts with 7CF at the 135th Canton Fair

From April 15th to 19th, 2024, Shenzhen Sunrise will attend the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) in Guangzhou. As the first publicly listed company in the domestic aerosol industry, a national high-tech enterprise, a drafting unit for the paint industry standards, and a supplier for the Fortune 500, Shenzhen Sunrise has always been committed to technological innovation and improving product quality, continuously expanding both domestic and international markets. At this exhibition, the company showcased its latest products and technological achievements, discussing the development trends of the industry with peers.


The first phase of this Canton Fair has attracted high attention from the global business community, with a bustling scene of thousands of merchants, lively discussions, and enthusiastic order placements by buyers, achieving a “successful start.” Shenzhen Sunrise, carrying a wide range of 7CF brand products, successfully entered the three major exhibition areas of hardware, auto parts, and new chemical materials. The multi-area exhibition participation is a full recognition by the Canton Fair Organizing Committee and the Shenzhen Trade Group of Shenzhen Sunrise’ operations in overseas markets, and it further supports the international expansion of the 7CF brand.


As of April 19th, 125,440 overseas buyers from 212 countries and regions around the world participated offline, marking a 23.2% increase compared to the same period of the previous session. Among them, buyers from countries along “The Belt and Road” initiative numbered 85,682, accounting for 68.3%; buyers from RCEP member countries were 28,902, accounting for 23%; and buyers from Europe and America were 22,694, accounting for 18.1%. The three major exhibition areas of Shenzhen Sunrise were also bustling with popularity, with overseas buyers from various regions crowding around the booths. Particularly, the eye-catching product wall display method attracted the attention of all passing customers. This novel presentation method further amplified the cultural appeal of the 7CF brand, leading many buyers to discuss brand agency matters. A buyer from Argentina mentioned that the display of spray paint elements using color cards was the most impressive expression he had seen in recent years. It effectively conveyed the prominent elements of current spray paint products, and he was eager to quickly apply this method to promote the 7CF brand in the Latin American market.


The five-day Phase 1 of the Canton Fair, themed “Advanced Manufacturing,” prominently showcased the latest achievements in the development of new productive forces. The fair featured 10,898 participating companies, including over 3,000 high-quality enterprises titled as national high-tech enterprises, manufacturing single champions, and specialized and innovative “little giants,” marking a 33% increase from the previous session. The 7CF brand, as a well-known trademark in China with its products recognized as “Guangdong Province’s Famous and High-Tech Products,” naturally became a focal point of attention at the exhibition.


Participating in this exhibition is an important step for Shenzhen Sunrise towards the international market. The company seized the opportunity to showcase its strength. By making good use of the broad stage provided by the Canton Fair, it will also better leverage the fair’s strict entry criteria to continuously build its overseas market brand’s hard power. Adhering to the business philosophy of “low carbon, environmental protection, and energy saving,” the company aims to truly achieve a high-quality development path that utilizes advanced manufacturing to pave the way from “product internationalization” to “7CF brand going global.”


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