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What Spray Paint Can Withstand Heat?

The heat-resistant spray paint is mainly used to spray some high-temperature places to form a layer of protection on the surface of objects. The high-temperature resistance effect of this spray paint is unmatched by any paint. As long as you need to spray high-temperature places, you will definitely use this self-spraying paint. There is a big difference between high-temperature spray paint and ordinary spray paint, which is first manifested in the choice of composition. Generally, high-temperature paint is composed of silicone resin, organic solvent, silane coupling agent, high-temperature resistant filler, high-temperature resistant pigment, and high-temperature resistant thickener. Since the silicone resin needs to pass high temperature to form a high-temperature resistant film, it is generally baked at a high temperature to make the paint film achieve higher physical and chemical properties. High-temperature spray paint is resistant to moisture, water, and weather, but has poor gasoline resistance. After spraying, the original substrate is protected against high temperature. It is mainly suitable for professional substrate spraying of engines, radiators, exhaust pipes, etc. This paint is simple and convenient to use, with a high spray rate and no sagging. Heat resistant spray paint is a good paint worth buying.


For some high-temperature places, a layer of paint is often sprayed for surface protection. Heat resistant spray paint has become the only kind of paint sprayed because only this kind of paint is resistant to high temperatures. Some people may ask: Will there be paint peeling after spraying the paint?

It is difficult to peel the paint after the high-temperature self-spray paint dries unless it is intentionally scraped off with something. And once the paint is peeled off, it will not all fall off at once, but only a little bit. Generally, it takes a long time for the sprayed paint to fall off, so people who buy heat-resistant spray paint need not worry about this at all.

I.  How many degrees can heat-resistant spray paint resist?

High-temperature resistant spray paint generally refers to the special functional spray paint that the paint film can withstand the temperature of 300 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ for a long time, can maintain certain physical and chemical properties, and function normally in a high-temperature environment. Common application fields are automobile, motorcycle exhaust pipes, ovens, boilers, chimneys, heat exchangers, inner and outer walls of high-temperature hot blast stoves, and metal materials and non-metal surfaces in other fields. High-temperature spray paint has the effect of high-temperature corrosion protection.

II.  What are the precautions for using heat resistant spray paint?

People like to buy heat-resistant spray paint to spray to resist high temperatures, so as to avoid all kinds of accidents. However, spraying heat-resistant spray paint also requires steps and methods. Before painting, you should pay attention to the following issues to achieve the best effect.


  1. Shake the paint liquid evenly before spraying to make the paint film inside evenly. 

  2. Be sure to ensure that the surface to be sprayed is absolutely clean, and clean the surface of the object before use.

  3. Be sure to spray the paint directly, do not apply it backward, or bubbles will appear.

  4. Shake the bottle repeatedly before self-spraying to fully stir the acrylic inside the self-spraying paint. In the process of using self-spraying paint, keep a distance of about 20 cm. If the distance is too short, it is easy to generate bubbles and accumulation. If the distance is too long, it will cause a lot of spraying and waste paint.

  5. Pay attention to the pollution caused by dust during spraying, a small insect may also make the spraying imperfect. You should also pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment, and do not operate in an environment where the sun is strong, the temperature is too low, and the temperature is too dry. When using the self-spraying paint, after spraying once, spray again after a few minutes, and repeat several times.

  6. No primer is required when using this product. However, it is best to be sandblasted when it is used to spray steel surfaces to improve its adhesion and weather resistance.

  7. Drying at 200℃ and after 2 hours is necessary so that the performance can be optimized.

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