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What Is Penetrating Oil Used For

Penetrating oil is a commonly used antirust lubricant, consisting of a lubricant with low surface tension, which has a strong affinity for metals, and can be used as an antirust oil and a light lubricant.

Conventional penetrating oil is composed of petroleum distillates and rust inhibitors, etc. They are non-degradable and harmful to the environment and human body. However, the bio-based penetrating lubricant has developed in recent years. It is a kind of metal maintenance oils (BPL), made up of a combination of additives and bio-based oils. They are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Because bio-based oils have an ultra-high viscosity index, their natural oil film provides better lubrication and anti-corrosion properties than petroleum-based lubricants. They can be used widely in many applications instead of petroleum-based products.

Penetrating oil is a special rust dissolver for removing parts stuck by rust, dirt and paint, such as loose bolts, and is known as a "liquid wrench".

It uses the efficient penetration properties of active ingredients to form a sliding film on the friction surface, while using the cooling contraction principle to shrink the contact surface.


1. With strong penetration, car penetrating oil can penetrate rust, corrosion, oil, quickly relieve the rust and corrosion and not easy to screw the nut.

2. Have a strong lubricating effect, and not easy to get dust.

3. Penetrating oil have the function of rust prevention, which can effectively prevent continued corrosion, rust. 

4. It has a cleaning function, which can wash off the water rust, dust and other dirt attached to the metal, suitable for high-grade engines and parts cleaning. 

Penetrating Oil Usage

1. It is mainly used to be able to quickly relieve the rust and corrosion and not easy to unscrew the nut, save some enterprises using oxygen cutting or heating complex process, and has the function of preventing re-rusting, so that the difficult things become easy. 

2. Eliminate friction noise. 

3. Drive away moisture and water. 

4. Clean and rust prevention. 

5. Quickly loosen parts. 

6. Remove adhering rust marks and impurities Its collection of rust prevention, dehumidification, loosening, rust relief, lubrication, cleaning and other functions.

It protects all kinds of equipment in concert and makes the work more convenient. Suitable for metallurgy, moulds, shipping, communication equipment, aircraft, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and many other fields, also suitable for home and outdoor activities, known as: the universal maintenance agent for metal products.


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