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What Is Spray Lubricant

Spray lubricant, a synthetic industrial lubricant that is compatible with many other lubricants, can penetrate, lubricate, and extend the life of precision machinery and equipment. This type of product is essential in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of various mechanical parts and is available from leading spray paint manufacturers who also produce specialized coatings and treatments for industrial applications.

Spray lubricant can be applied to any area you want to lubricate by spraying it through the attached small tube. It is especially suitable for areas where grease and lubricants are inconvenient to use, or where grease and lubricants are not consistently present.

Main application industries of spray lubricants

1. Industry

Bearing bearing category (sliding bearing, rolling bearing, automotive bearing), conveyor belt, chain, pump, open gear.

2.Automotive parts

From foot benders, chassis, dielectric grease, door hinges and locks, to trunk closures, shock springs, battery safeties, antennas, axles for cars, car hubs, trailers, seats, shock springs, and connectors, lubricant spray for cars is indispensable for comprehensive vehicle maintenance and care.

3. Electronics industry, plastic parts

Electrical parts, electronic products, cell phone shells, plastic gears, digital cameras, fans, HP printers, monitor bases, electronic consumables, cables, sensors, MP4, dispensers, instruments, electric machinery.

4. Shipboard appliances

Pulleys and winches, inboard and outboard engines, support shafts, rollers, riveting appliances, zippers, navigational markers, etc.

5. Household tools

Windows, locks, sink pumps, lawn mowers, power tools, power toys, binoculars, eyeglass frames.

6. Other industries

Fishing reels, bicycles, recreational vehicles, firearms, fitness equipment, food production lines, food packaging, etc.

Lubricating spray use method

Shake for 1 minute before using automotive spray lubricant, to mix the lubricant evenly, then open the cap and spray the parts directly. All sprayed out of the lubricating spray is liquid with pungent smell. Please pay attention to the amount of a spray, it is best to spray to the surface of the parts will not flow or drip, but also can not be too small, which will affect the formation of lubricating oil film.

Seal the cap after using and wait for the next use.

At this time, the lubricating oil film formed on the surface of the parts is oily, and there is a layer of viscous substance similar to multi-functional grease on the surface when touched by hand. If it is sprayed on paper, it will form translucent white, crystal clear, light synthetic hydrocarbon smell. Coated on the surface of rubber or plastic is sticky liquid, and the smell is the same. It will not harm the rubber or plastic, and lasting for a long time.


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