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7CF has won the title of

"Brand is a comprehensive reflection of the competitiveness of an enterprise and even a country, and represents the direction of upgrading the supply structure and demand structure. Brand construction in the new era is a powerful starting point for promoting the high-quality development of our country's economy and creating a high-quality life."

On May 9, the 2023 China Brand Day Shenzhen local characteristic activities and the opening ceremony of the 7th "Shenzhen International Brand Week" were grandly held in Shenzhen Radio and Television Building. This year's Brand Week has the theme of "Gathering Brand Building Strength to Help Enterprises High-Quality Development". A total of 400 brand results of "International Trustworthy Brands" and "Shenzhen Famous Brands" were released together. Leaders of relevant municipal and district departments, domestic and foreign brand circles Authoritative experts, industry figures, outstanding entrepreneurs, and more than 500 business representatives attended the meeting to witness the grand opening of the 7th Shenzhen International Brand Week. The conference released the results of the 20th "Shenzhen Famous Brand". 7CF, a brand of Sunrise Co., Ltd., has won the honorary title of "Shenzhen Famous Brand" for 19 consecutive years, writing a new chapter in the aerosol industry.

The "Shenzhen Famous Brands" selection activity was organized by the Shenzhen Federation of Industry in accordance with the requirements of Shenzhen Government Document No. 64 [2003], involving 25 government agencies, 69 industry associations, 3 research institutions, 12 professional institutions and 2 major Public welfare activities jointly carried out by media groups to promote enterprises to build brands and create famous brands. Brand selection requires that the quality of products and services reach the advanced level of the same kind in China, be in a leading position in the local industry, have brand value at the forefront of the industry, have visibility, reputation and influence, have good economic and social benefits, have strong market competitiveness, and be economically successful. Legally register a business-owned brand. It has been developing continuously and healthily for 20 years, and Shenzhen's well-known brand enterprises have become the main force in the high-quality development of Shenzhen's economy.

Sunrise Co., Ltd. is the earliest listed company in China to develop and produce aerosols. It has successively cultivated many well-known brands and hundreds of aerosol products such as 7CF, Kelimei, and Rainbow, and is the leading author of the "Aerosol Paint" industry standard. The unit has promoted technological innovation in the aerosol paint industry.

This time "7CF" has won the honorary title of "Shenzhen Famous Brand" for 19 consecutive years, which fully reflects Sunrise's profound technological R&D, innovation and market expansion capabilities in the aerosol industry. We would like to thank all sectors of society for their high recognition of the influence of the 7CF brand. . With this honor and trust, our company will adhere to the brand concept of "professionalism creates quality", continue to deliver innovative and high-quality products to the aerosol industry, promote consumption upgrading, and contribute to the health, environmental protection, and health of the aerosol industry. Play an exemplary role in orderly development.


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