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Spray Paint Facts

Avoid misuse and ensure your spray painting project’s success by learning the facts about spray paint:

Myth: Spray painting isn't safe.

Fact: Spray painting is safe! Simply follow the directions on the back of the 7CF spray paint can and ensure the area is properly ventilated.

Myth: I can't spray paint indoors.

Fact: Yes you can! When spray painting indoors, make sure you have adequate ventilation by using a fan or opening windows and doors. Spray painting outdoors provides the best ventilation.

Myth: All spray paints are the same.

Fact: Not all spray paints were created equally! Spray paints can be formulated to perform a specific function for a specific surface. For example, the use of plastic materials.

Myth: Primer is not always necessary.

Fact: We recommend using a water based primer spray paint whenever possible as it creates a clean, smooth surface that increases paint adhesion, seals your surface, and ensures the true paint color is achieved.

Myth: If I complete my project in multiple stages, I won't see a difference in color.

Fact: For best results, always apply a coat of paint to the entire project as opposed to spraying it in stages.

Myth: Spray paint overspray only occurs outdoors.

Fact: Overspray can occur both indoors and outdoors. Prevent overspray by using a drop cloth or creating your own “spray booth” by turning a large cardboard box on its side and place objects inside when spraying.

Myth: I can apply multiple coats of spray paint at any time.

Fact: Check the directions on the back of the can for your product’s recoat window, which identifies the timeframe for when additional spray paint coats can be applied.


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