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How Do You Use Soft Wax on a Car?

Ⅰ. The introduction of soft wax

According to the physical state of soft car wax, it can be divided into solid wax, soft wax, and water wax. The texture of solid wax is harder, the finish is the highest after waxing, and the effect is the best for a long time, but its decontamination effect is slightly worse than that of water wax. After waxing the car with solid wax, polishing with a towel is time-consuming and laborious, and the operability is much more troublesome than soft wax and water wax; soft wax saves time and effort, but the gloss is slightly worse than that of solid wax. How do you usually soft wax your car?

Ⅱ. The steps and methods of using soft wax for automobiles

Now 7CF ,one of the most professional wholesale spray paint suppliers, wants to share with you the way how to use soft car wax.

1. How to choose car wax. At present, there are many kinds of car wax on the market, which are divided into solid and liquid, and the quality of car wax is also different. Various car waxes have different properties, functions, and effects, so you must be careful when choosing them. Improper selection not only can fail to protect the car's body but also discolors the paint.

2. Master the frequency of waxing. Due to the different driving environments and parking places, the time interval for soft waxing should also be different. Generally, there is a garage for parking, and more vehicles driving on good roads can be waxed every 3 to 4 months. For the car parked in the open air, exposed to wind and rain, it is best to wax it every 2 to 3 months. It can also be judged by touch. Generally speaking, when you touch the car body with your hands and feel that it is not smooth, you can re-wax it.

3. It is best to use car wash water to clean the dirt and dust on the exterior of the car body before applying soft car polishing wax. Please remember not to blindly use detergent and soapy water, because the sodium chloride contained in these cleaners will corrode the paint layer, wax film, and rubber parts of the car body, making the car paint lose its luster and age the rubber parts. If there is no special car wash water, you can use clean water to wash the car, dry the car body and then wax it.

4. When applying soft wax, apply an appropriate amount of soft car wax with a sponge block, and smear it back and forth on the car body in a straight line. Do not pour the wax liquid on the car to smear or do a circular smear. A job should be completed continuously, without pause in the middle. Generally, the wax layer can be polished with a new towel after 5 to 10 minutes of uniform application, but the fast car wax should be polished while being applied.

5. After waxing the car body, some car wax will remain in the gaps of the lights, license plates, doors, and trunks, which makes the car body look unsightly. If the wax in these places is not wiped off in time, rust may also occur. Therefore, after the soft waxing, be sure to completely remove the wax dirt, so as to get the perfect waxing effect.

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