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What's the Difference Between Waxing and Polishing a Car?

For the person looking to polish a car, failing to recognize the difference between car wax and polish can be a costly mistake. So what's the difference between wax and polish?

Ⅰ. The difference between car wax and polish

As one of the common wholesale car care products, car waxes can come in many forms,such as spray, liquid, and paste, and the main difference between these waxes is their duration. The main purpose of using wax for your vehicle is to provide paint protection, which is applied to the painted surface of the car as a protective coating. Doing so will protect your vehicle from environmental contaminants such as dirt, rain, etc., which are best used after polishing.

Car body wax polish, on the other hand, is different from wax and should not be used interchangeably. Unlike wax, polish contains an abrasive component, which means its main purpose is to remove some of the top layer of the car's clear coating. A clear coat is a clear layer on the surface of your car that helps protect the color of the painted surface just like the skin does on your body,polishing is like skin exfoliating, and a polish can add shine to the finish of your car's paint.

1. Different functions:

If the car is simply polished, there is no good effect of waxing. After waxing, the wax is waterproof and acid rain resistant, reducing the amount of water droplets attached to the body. Secondly, waxing can refract part of the light to avoid aging and discoloration of car paint caused by high temperature or ultraviolet rays. Waxing can not only prevent static electricity, but also prevent dust.

2. Different effects:

The car will take on a new look after polishing, very beautiful and shiny. If there is a scratch on the body, it will disappear completely after polishing. And waxing can only make slight scratch wax elimination, but scratch slightly deep, waxing has no effect.

3. Different main purposes:

Polishing is mainly used for serious scratches. Car waxing is a layer of paint that removes stains from the surface of a car and protects the paint layer of the car.

Frequent use of polishing will lead to thinning of the car paint, affecting the service life of the finish. We usually pay more attention to the protection of the vehicle, in order to reduce the damage to the car paint, as little as possible to do polishing, and wax regularly to protect the car paint. If you take an interest in car care products wholesale suppliers, do contact us.

Ⅱ. How to use the car crystal wax?

Car crystal wax has the functions of waterproof, anti-high temperature and anti-static,which is deeply loved by the majority of car owners, the steps and use of crystal wax on the car are as follows.

1. After the vehicle is cleaned and dried, shake the crystal wax evenly and squeeze it on the polishing pad or coated sponge.

2. The polishing pad will be folded in half to ensure the uniform diffusion of the products, expand the use area and improve the construction efficiency.

3.Press the polishing pad on the palm of the hand, and circle the paint surface evenly and forcefully.

4. After the completion of the vehicle construction, use fiber towel to wax after 5 minutes.

Crystal wax is synthesized by a variety of polymers and is applicable to all paint surfaces. It is a car wax that integrates photoprotection and makes the surface of car paint form a permanent protective film. In addition, it still can clear the fine hole of car paint surface, tar, tree juice, oxidation, dirt and so on, avoid car paint to produce wrinkles, scratch, oxidation, falling off and yellowing.


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