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The 131st Canton Fair online live broadcast ended successfully-Zhaoxin Stock continues to move forward together with new and old customers

Today (April 24), the 131st China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) closed, lasting 10 days. In this online exhibition, Zhaoxin Stock conducted a total of 18 online live broadcasts and introduced six categories of products, including spray paint products, car cleaner products, car paint maintenance products, car maintenance products, spray lubricant, and household care. The live broadcast was conducted by the anchor to introduce products and services to meet the diverse demands of different regional markets. Every live broadcast was wonderful, in which our anchor introduced the company's brand history, production capacity, and product information in detail, which attracted the attention of many foreign customers and obtained the business cards of many intended customers. The exhibition has ended, but Zhaoxin Stock still continues to move forward on the business road, constantly improving and innovating products to meet the diversified needs of customers.



Through this exhibition, Zhaoxin Stock not only understood the market situation and had a more accurate positioning of customer needs, but also established friendships with domestic and foreign customers, promoted the company's image, and laid the foundation for the company to further develop the international and domestic markets. Zhaoxin Stock is confident to live up to the expectations and manufacture more and high-quality products to return to customers and the market.


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