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Application of Cold Galvanizing Industrial Spray Painting on Machinery

Zinc is an important chemical element with a silvery gray color that sacrifices itself to protect metal objects from corrosion. Zinc is often used to prevent corrosion of steel structures or objects and is applied in zinc coatings or other forms. During hot dip galvanizing, zinc is used as a sacrificial agent to protect the metal (steel) from corrosion.

1. Does Cold Galvanizing industrial spray painting work on galvanized metal?

Yes. Use zinc spray on galvanized metal if the metal is exposed due to welding or handling damage. Zinc paint is the process of applying a zinc-rich paint coating to a metal surface at normal or low temperatures to protect the surface from corrosion. This type of custom spray paint can be used for touch-ups or repairs. Galvanizing is a process or chemical process that occurs when a metal surface is dipped or sprayed with zinc metal particles, creating a strong bond between the metal surface and the zinc particles, providing galvanic protection to the metal. By the way, 7CF, a spray paint company, provides coatings with the same function, like anti rust lubricant, too.

2. The application of Cold Galvanizing industrial spray painting on machinery

If you use Cold Galvanizing industrial spray painting to protect the metal from corrosion for an extended period of time, you will feel that it will not work. For long-term protection, you need to hot dip galvanize or spray galvanize your metal. Galvanizing is the process of spraying atomized molten zinc particles onto the metal/steel surface to form a strong bond between the zinc particles and the steel surface, thus protecting the base metal from corrosion. The galvanizing process is performed when the hot dip galvanizing process is not possible due to the size to be protected. For such applications, using wholesale spray paint can be an economical choice.

(1) Applications for Cold Galvanizing:

Windmill towers, chemical, fertilizer and cement industries, oil refineries, factories with pipes, power plants, bridges and other marine applications, transformer tanks, automotive radiators, solar structures, all steel exposed to the atmosphere infrastructure.

(2) Advantages of using Cold Galvanizing:

It increases the life of the metal combined with anti-corrosion decoration; the same color as hot dip galvanizing, more economical compared to the galvanizing process; easy to use and apply, you can easily spray on site, no special skills required.

Zinc spraying is used for refinishing and providing long-term protection to galvanized metal surfaces that have been exposed from scratches due to material handling or welding processes. Use Cold Galvanizing to spray zinc when the metal cannot be re-galvanized.

Can we use galvanizing repair metallic spray on rust? Can't. To use galvanizing repair metallic spray, you need to prepare the surface to be sprayed with zinc. Do not use spray directly for anti-rust treatment. Because it can damage the zinc coating due to the internal chemical process of rust penetration. Before using galvanizing repair metallic spray, you need to thoroughly clean the surface.


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