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Car Hard Wax VS Soft Wax

Car Wax Definition

Car wax is a traditional car paint maintenance product. It is mainly composed of natural wax or synthetic wax, which increases the brightness of the surface by penetrating into the cracks of the paint surface and smoothing the surface. Traditional car waxing is mainly for polishing and protection. It makes the car paint look a little bit newer and better.

Nowadays, with the development of the auto detailing industry, crystal wax car polish is given a new connotation. If a car is waxed, it needs a thicker layer of wax to achieve a better shining effect. However, car wax produced by car wax manufacturer is an oily substance, and the combination of oil film and paint surface is relatively poor and the protection period is short. So car waxing should be carried out regularly.

Features of Soft Wax

Water-based paste, containing abrasive components, good decontamination effect.

Soft waxes and other abrasive components are actually used for car paint that already has an oxide layer.

Long last protection to car body paint.

Excellent waterproofness.

Features of Car Hard Wax

Not afraid to wash, super hard protection.

Solid and durable, scratch-resistant.

Super waterproof. Completely cut off the penetration of rain and acid rain.

High temperature resistance.

Acid and alkali resistance.

Not afraid of sand scratches and scrubbing scratches.


The Differences Between Car Hard Wax And Soft Wax

Different physical states

According to the physical state of car wax wholesale, it can be divided into hard wax, soft wax and water wax.

Different gloss effects

Hard wax can be used for new car, while soft wax cannot. After wax polishing, hard wax has the highest degree of finish and the better effect for a long time.

Different cost performance

Hard car wax contains many cleaning ingredients, and has the advantages of long staying power, stronger scrub resistance. Compared with soft wax, hard wax is relatively economical.


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