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What Is Aerosol Spray Paint Used For

Aerosol spraying is to fill the paint and gas emitter (such as dichloromethane or DME) together in a metal can, and put a few steel or glass balls in the can when using. First shake the can hard, then lift the button and open the nozzle valve. The paint is sprayed from the can with the pressure formed by the emitter vaporization, and sprayed on the surface of the painted object in a mist.

It is suitable for the repair of small household objects and the body of traffic vehicles, but is not suitable for continuous painting of large areas.

As one of professional aerosol paint manufacturers, painting your car with an acrylic aerosol spray paint can doesn't always get the best results. However, for many part-time paint sprayers who just repair their own cars on Saturday mornings, aerosol cans are a very convenient option and as long as you follow our guidelines then you can achieve excellent results and colour matching.

With the economic development in recent year, aerosol spray paint is widely used in our lives. The usage has changed from the beginning of the repair paint defects to molds, industrial machinery, toys, handicrafts, musical instruments, buildings, steel structures, advertising industry, publicity industry, signs, graffiti and other industries, even in the less industrialized grassland pastoral areas.


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